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10 May 2017

Ever had a hard time managing density, marginal integration, color, cavity lining, polishing and mechanical properties of your restorations? StyleFlow Kit by Tokuyama powered by Styleitaliano is one solution to a whole lot of trouble. Simone Grandini and Giulio Pavolucci have brought the Style Italiano experience together with the expertise of Tokuyama Dental to develop a smart kit, selected from Tokuyama´s range of flowable composites for your success.

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Fig. 1

CORRECT Low translucency featuring medium chromaticity and low flowability of StyleFlow CORRECT makes it the perfect material for perfect marginal integration in different situations.

Fig. 2

NECK The Neck resin is just ideal for single mass class V restorations thanks to its super-high chromaticity, together with its medium opacity. The yellow-red color makes it ideal for teeth with high saturation color. Mechanical performance is provided by its hardness and balanced elasticity.

Fig. 3

MASK It sometimes happens that heavily stained areas are either not convenient, indicated or possible to remove. The balanced opacity makes StyleFlow Mask perfect for coverage of any dark areas providing a highly natural effect.

Fig. 4

BASE Cavity lining is both safe and easy thanks to the high flowability of StyleFlow Base. This material creates a thin protective layer which is perfectly curable due to its low opacity. Cavity adaptation of this composite is extreme and mass thickness is as small as possible due to the excellent flowability, and no mechanical side effect.

Fig. 5

BUILD Particle engineering has developed this highly filled, super-high density mouldable flowable composite. Its handling allows core and cavity build-ups, block-outs, and fillings of all types. It is possible to use this material even on the surface as a permanent restorative material thanks to its fantastic polishability and strength. Case no. 1 – Courtesy of Giulio Pavolucci

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Fig. 14

Case no. 2 – Courtesy of Jordi Manauta

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Fig. 19

Case no. 3 – Courtesy of Gregory Camaleonte

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Special thanks to Giulio Pavolucci, Jordi Manauta & Gregory Camaleonte for the cases.