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Styleitaliano Official Events


Styleitaliano Official Events

Solventum 3M style italiano styleitaliano events calendar 2024

Meet Styleitaliano Check 2024 Events

Meet Styleitaliano, check 2024 Events. Styleitaliano speakers: Dr. Villares, Dr. Monteiro, Dr. Chiodera, Dr. Manauta...
brain boost style italiano styleitaliano hands-on lectures styleitaliano tv 3M Solventum

Watch for Free: 5 Hands-on lectures from Brain Boost 2023. Only for a limited...

Watch the recording of the Brain Boost 2023 Event with 5 special live hands-on sessions to boost your dental aesthetic skills with StyleItaliano members. Available in 5 different languages.
styleitaliano styleitaliano dentalpro academy corsi odontoiatria conservativa style italiano partner

DentalPro Academy organizza i corsi StyleItaliano di Conservativa 2024

DentalPro Academy organizza i corsi StyleItaliano di odontoiatria conservativa 2024. Il programma si divide tra parte teorica e pratica ed è accreditato di 23,8 ECM





styleitaliano style italiano LM Replica Posterior shaping occlusal anatomy posterior composite restoration brushing composite onto cusps

Replica Posterior. Shaping the occlusal anatomy has never been so easy

Some instruments can revolutionize direct dental restorations in daily practice. Find out how Replica Posterior can get you exceptional results effortlessly.
styleitaliano style italiano white dental beauty restoring and preserving dental esthetics occlusal function

Restoring and Preserving Esthetics Through a Healthy Dynamic Occlusal Function

Restoring and maintaining aesthetics with a healthy, dynamic occlusal function. Say farewell to dental worries and embrace newfound confidence.
styleitaliano style italiano overlay preparation on Septodont Biodentine direct and indirect restorations posterior restorations

Biodentine for Direct and Indirect Restorations

Biodentine can really simplify your daily restorative work, both in direct and indirect restorations. Check out the latest article by dr Vincenzo Tosco



The step by step in finishing and polishing: anterior direct composite restorations

Finishing and polishing procedures are the ones that let us create the shape and texture that are just as crucial as color in anterior composite restorations

Custom Rings

It is a common problem to be able to adapt proximal matrices perfectly in Class...

Back to Basics: A step by step protocol

The use of the composite materials to restore shape and function of posterior teeth damaged by decay, age or trauma is gaining wide..


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