3M brain boost live 23 september 2023 style italiano styleitalaino
3M brain boost live 23 september 2023 style italiano styleitaliano


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Styleitaliano Official Events


Styleitaliano Official Events

Bioexperience in Restorative Dentistry 21 Sept Greece style italiano styleitaliano

Bioexperience in Restorative Dentistry 21 September 2023, Greece

Sponsored by Septodont. Dr. Riccardo Monterubbianesi and Dr. Vincenzo Tosco. Congress Bioexperience in Restorative Dentistry on 21 September 2023, CED Iadr Rodos Palace Hotel, Rodhes, Greece..
3M webinar october 2023 styleitaliano chiodera

Dual Shade – 3M Webinar 24 October 2023

The StyleItaliano dual shade method is designed to mimic the three-dimensional appearance of natural teeth where the chroma comes from within the dentine core and shines through the translucent enamel layer...
styleitaliano style italiano barcelona 4 november 2023

Interdentale Live in Congress on 4 November 2023 – Barcelona

During our third Interdentale Live in Congress on 4 November 2023 we are going to focus on modern aesthetics. At this full-day event right in the heart of Barcelona,..





Post-orthodontic treatment with direct composite veneers

Direct composite veneers are nowadays a great instrument to achieve highly aesthetic results, with a low financial effort, and without the need for tooth preparation.

Mastering Gummy Smile: Causes and 3D Care Strategies

This article will review the etiology, diagnosis, and surgical approaches in treating the gummy smile and restoring the smile with direct composite veneers.

The Single Discolored Central Incisor Challenge

When approaching single incisor case, it’s most important to reproduce the shapes, inclinations, shades and texture of natural teeth.



Custom Rings

It is a common problem to be able to adapt proximal matrices perfectly in Class...

The step by step in finishing and polishing: anterior direct composite restorations

Finishing and polishing procedures are the ones that let us create the shape and texture that are just as crucial as color in anterior composite restorations

Back to Basics: A step by step protocol

The use of the composite materials to restore shape and function of posterior teeth damaged by decay, age or trauma is gaining wide..


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