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Styleitaliano Official Events


Styleitaliano Official Events

Univet loupes style italiano styleitaliano

Univet Loupes – Magnification System

Magnification systems are known to improve accuracy in dental and surgical procedures. Over time it has been proven that these systems also provide ergonomic benefit..
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Nuove Date – Corsi StyleItaliano di Odontoiatria Conservativa in Italiano

Scopri di più sui corsi StyleItaliano di odontoiatria conservativa in Italiano: nuovi appuntamenti ad Ottobre e Novembre 2022
style italiano styleitaliano review predicta core bioactive restorative material

Predicta Core: Bioactive restorative material

Predicta Core is a bioactive dual-cure, core build-up resin composite that symplify our dental procedures in many different clinical situations. One material for many cases.





Biologically Guided Simplified Anterior Restoration

A simplified layering technique with only two composite opacities can solve most of our anterior restorations, if we respect the biology and the shape of the restoration.

Management of fractured central incisor with direct composites. Using the right instruments for essential steps

As large incisor restorations are quite challenging, using the right techniques and instruments goes a long way in ensuring an aesthetic outcome, repeatable and predictable.

Anterior composite veneering. A minimally invasive approach to enhance the aesthetics.

Additive veneering is often a good choice when it comes to enhancing smiles, especially with the right tools and materials in hand.



Custom Rings

It is a common problem to be able to adapt proximal matrices perfectly in Class...

The step by step in finishing and polishing: anterior direct composite restorations

Although we often consider color the main challenge of anterior composite restorations, finishing and polishing procedures are the ones that let us create the shape and texture that are just as crucial, as they’re necessary to restoring all the three-dimensional features that natural teeth have.

Back to Basics: A step by step protocol

The use of the composite materials to restore shape and function of posterior teeth damaged by decay, age or trauma is gaining wide acceptance by the dental community. The dental practitioner and also the patient have the same..


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