Align then Restore

This patient came to the clinic seeking for an aesthetic improvement. As wear of the central incisors wasn’t the only issue to be addressed, the patient was advised to get an orthodontic alignment prior to restoring the incisors.

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Before treatment with aligners.

style italiano styleitaliano clear orthodontic aligners

During the treatment with aligners.

style italiano styleitaliano smile after treatment with clear aligners

After the treatment of 24 months with B Invisible aligners.

style italiano styleitaliano rubber dam isolation of anterior teeth

For the restorations, the CompoSite kit (White Dental Beauty) was chosen, Teeth were isolated before proceeding to restoration.

style italiano styleitaliano white dental beauty composite system
style italiano styleitaliano white dental beauty composite system
style italiano styleitaliano old composite removal on lateral incisor

An old composite restoration was first removed from the upper left lateral incisor.

style italiano styleitaliano all enamel surfaces were etched

Frosty white enamel after correct etching.

style italiano styleitaliano bonded dental surfaces

Then a bonding agent was applied.

style italiano styleitaliano unica matrix used to contour the outer shape of the restoration

After filling the lateral incisors, we proceeded to place the Unica matrix regular to build the outer frame of the new shape. For the palatal and proximal build-up the E shade was chosen.

style italiano styleitaliano unica matrix for direct veneering of central incisor

Then, the frame of the adjacent incisor was created with the same procedure.

style italiano styleitaliano layering direct composite veneers

After shaping the outer frame and proximal walls.

style italiano styleitaliano composite direct veneering

The outer build up was finished before layering the dentin mass.

style italiano styleitaliano finished composite direct veneers

After the restorations were finished and all excess material removed, they were polished with the LucidaTM composite polishing system.

style italiano styleitaliano central incisor direct veneers after rubber dam removal

After treatment.

style italiano styleitaliano direct composite veneers after polishing

Final result.

style italiano styleitaliano smile after direct composite veneers restoration of central incisors

A satisfied smiling patient with her newly shaped central incisors.


Although an orthodontic alignment implies a treatment will be longer, it makes a difference in placing the foundation to a stable and satisfying result. The patient will often then need minimally invasive intervention to get the desired aesthetics.


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style italiano styleitaliano indirect restorations with dual-cured dentine substitutes

Simplifying indirect restorations with dual-cured dentine substitutes

Stress-free and beautiful indirect restorations require materials that simplify build-up, ensure complete curing, and facilitate smooth preparation.