Unica for single mass restoration

Nowadays, composite direct veneering is one treatment option that should be considered in order to restore the aesthetics of damaged front teeth, especially because composite allows to realize a minimal invasive technique saving time with affordable economical cost. Unica anterior matrix by Polydentia simplifies in one single step the procedure for a direct restoration.

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View of the initial situation. Marco, 35 years old, presents an old infiltrated restoration on 1.2 and has the desire to improve his aesthetics.

infiltrate restoration styleitaliano

High magnification of the defective 1.2 IV class restoration.

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Isolation with the rubber dam is mandatory to create an aseptic and dry environment, thus improving manual control and efficiency.

old composite styleitaliano

The old composite and the underneath caries were removed and cavity prepared.

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Unica anterior matrix by Polydentia was placed on the tooth before etching and fixed in place using a wooden wedgs to hold it. Then selective enamel etching step using 3M™ Scotchbond™ Gel was performed for 20 seconds.


After air washing and drying, the tooth shows the typical aspect of the etched surface.

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The mesial proximal wall was performed, placing the composite using the direct contact with the matrix inner surface.

unica matrix styleitaliano

After the Unica matrix removal, the mesial wall and the contact point well reproduce a correct anatomy. Now it’s possible to easily recreate the palatal wall, without the help of a silicon mold or a matrix.

restore palat styleitaliano

One mass of 3M™ Filtek™ Universal Restorative composite was used to finalize the restoration.

modeling the surface 3m

Modeling of the vestibular surface to reproduce the secondary anatomy.

3m style italiano

Final restoration before the finishing and polishing procedures.

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After removing rubber dam the finishing and polishing procedures can be initiated.

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The beige Spiral Wheel of Sof-Lex™ Diamond Polishing System (3M, ESPE) easily allows the obtainment of a smooth surface.

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The pink Spiral Wheel is then used to obtain a good and appreciable polished surface.

style italiano

The final result right after the finishing and polishing.

styleitaliano 3m

Post-operative view at one week of follow-up.


The Unica can solve the most critical step during the restoration, such as the whole emergence profile, cervical and interproximal walls. It can be fixed in place using plastic or wooden wedges to guarantee a proper stability and hold of the matrix.


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