Confident Smile with Dental Bleaching

There are several causes and types of teeth discolorations and each of them need careful diagnosis and examination in order to select the proper treatment. Using home bleaching technique can be considered one of the minimal invasive approach for the treatment of teeth discolorations. The aim of this article is to show how to achieve success through the the bleaching to reestablish the natural appearance of discolored teeth and to improve our patients’ confident smile.

smile with yellow and stained teeth style italiano styleitaliano

A 23-year-old male patient visited our dental clinic complaining about teeth discoloration, asking for a solution to have a brighter smile under one condition, no drilling

nitial dental A3.5 shade before whitening styleitaliano style italiano

Pre-operative picture is very important to select the proper shade and to evaluate bleaching progress (the initial shade is A3.5 VITA classical).

sandblasting of teeth to remove stains without drilling style italiano styleitaliano

Air-polishing by sodium carbonate powder with AquaCare device in order to remove all the stains from the enamel surface.

result after air-polishing to remove stains from teeth style italiano styleitaliano

After polishing by AquaCare twin device (sodium carbonate powder) the teeth now is ready for bleaching.

bleaching gel by opti dent and at-home whitening trays styleitaliano style italiano

The buccal surface of models teeth can be waxed-up to create a reservoir for the bleaching gel before tray fabrication, even when there is no difference in the rate of bleaching with or without reservoirs. There is no need to scallop the tray on each tooth. Only One or Two millimeters above the cervical area of each tooth.

application of bleaching gel in trays styleitaliano style italiano

One or two gel syringes should be delivered to the patient, so that the treatment can be done for a week. The patient should be instructed to report any abnormal change of the teeth and gingival tissue. The 16% carbide peroxide selected bleaching agent (White Dental Beauty) was to be used for 2-3 weeks from 2-4 hours a day, as long as no sensitivity is reported due to Novon technology. In case of sensitive teeth, 5% carbamide peroxide gel is recommended to be used.

fitting of bleaching trays inside the mouth style italiano styleitaliano

After the custom tray fit was checked in terms of accuracy, tissue adaptation, and retention, the patient is instructed on how to insert the custom trays and how to apply the 16% carbamide peroxide gel (one drop per tooth).

color check after dental bleaching styleitaliano style italiano

After 14 days of bleaching with 16% carbamide peroxide (White Dental Beauty), we verified the color obtained with the same shade guide (the final shade is A1 VITA classical).

smiling after dental whitening style italiano styleitaliano

Patient smiling satisfied with the result. A few tips were given him to preserve the effects of the treatment longer.

before and after tooth whitening style italiano styleitaliano

Comparison between the initial and the final smile.

before and after stain removal and dental whitening styleitaliano style italiano

Before and after.


Bleaching is an everyday procedure which we propose to many of our patients. We usually suggest the home bleaching option, as it is the most cost-effective and safest way to whiten teeth without or with minimum side effects, minimizing sensitivity following an office bleaching.


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Post-Bleaching Maintenance for Long-Lasting Results

This article focuses on a comprehensive home bleaching protocol with careful maintenance using dental strips to address teeth discoloration. It also aims to show how a non-white diet affects teeth maintenance after bleaching, offering additional insights into the patient's dental transformation.