Canine: how to hide a carbon post

Composites – though being the most commonly used materials in dentistry – have been changing the approach in aesthetic treatment since they have been introduced and clinicians have a range of materials to choose from, based on their treatment needs. Sometimes managing the colour of a restoration on a black metal post could be difficult, mainly if you can not remove it for different reasons.
In this article, through the choice of only one new bulk fill composite, the lecturer points out that masking the post colour and achieving a good aesthetic are possible using only one single mass. A 42 years old female come to our dental practice to improve her smile.

style italiano canine

Picture of the patient smile. The patient request was focused on improving the aesthetic of tooth 2.3.

buccal view style italiano

Buccal view of the teeth occlusion.

style styleitaliano italiano dentistry

Particular of the buccal view of the canine. It has a previous reconstruction with staining and some infiltrations.

yle styleitaliano italiano dentistry

Adequate isolation is an absolute requirement prior to any adhesive procedure. In this case an isolation was made from premolar 1.4 till the 1st upper.

buccal styleitaliano style italiano

Buccal view of the canine after isolation. After the initial dehydratation, the previous reconstruction can be easily detected.

carbon style italiano

In the preclinical rx, a carbon post was evident in the canal. Unfortunately, the economic situation of the patient did not allow to remove it, thus, in agreement with him, we decide to maintain the post and make a direct reconstruction. Removal of the whole previous composite is mandatory to achieve the best aesthetic request. To improve the adhesion, a bevel was made.

orthophosphoric acid style italiano

Etching step using 3M™ Scotchbond™ Etching Gel.

yle styleitaliano italiano dentistry

Bonding step using 3M™ Scotchbond™ Universal Adhesive; the palatal wall was made by using a mylar strip and the 3M™ Filtek Universal Restorative.

distal teeth style italiano restorative

The same 3M™ Filtek Universal Restorative used for palatal wall was applied on sectional metallic matrix, by Polydentia, in order to reconstruct the distal wall.

style italiano

A new clamp was used to expose more dental cervical tissue and put the matrix in order to reconstruct the mesial wall.

yle styleitaliano italiano dentistry

The tooth was entirely reconstructed by only one single mass of 3M™ Filtek Universal Restorative. Image prior to finishing and polishing procedures.

yle styleitaliano italiano dentistry

Buccal view after removing the rubber dam and after finishing and polishing procedures made by 3M™ Sof-Lex™ disks and 3M™ Sof-Lex™ Diamond Polishing System.

yle styleitaliano italiano dentistry

Buccal view after Finishing and Polishing phases.

dentatus composite 3m

Buccal views comparing pre and post-operative steps. Although a dentatus (carbone post) was present, the final composite was able to mask the discoloration of the tooth.

yle styleitaliano italiano dentistry

The smile of the patient after the restoration.


As this article demonstrates, it is possible achieving a good aesthetic results with only one shade, although we had the color influence of a metal post. In daily restorative dentistry the bulk fill composites are convenient because they are quick and easy to use, thanks to the innovative filler technology which gives to the composite extremely low shrinkage stress values.


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