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Piero Venezia

He received his Dentistry Degree with honours from Bari University in 1989. He completed a Post-Graduate Adhesive Aesthetic Prosthodontics Program at Siena University in 2003. He completed a Prosthodontics Programme at Bari University, where he also taught. He was also involved in teaching activities at the Post-graduate Master Courses of Bari, Naples, Siena, Catania, Genova, Foggia and Rome Universities. Adjunt Professor of Prosthetic Dentistry in Catania (Italy) He is an Active Member of the Italian Academy of Prosthetic Dentistry (A.I.O.P.), Active Member of the International Academy for Digital Dental Medicine (I.A.D.D.M.) and Active Member of the Italian Academy of Osseointegration (I.A.O). He is a Fellow of I.T.I. (International Team for Implantology). He has written articles for national and international journals. He combines clinical practice with teaching activities, with a focus on advanced courses on digital dentistry, aesthetic prosthodontics, complete dentures and implant-supported restorations. He works in an associate private practice in Bari (Italy) with a specific focus on prosthodontics.

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