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Ortho and Kids - Interview - Semi directs
7 Jan 2016

Creating teeth in a simple way with a trustworthy method that required as few layering skills as possible was my dream, the prefabricated composite solutions came to the market some years ago making this a reality with the componeers. We would like to share with you a collection of cases in black and white, that will be published little by little during next year, colouring them, one by one, not only with actual colors but with the tips and tricks to achieve these. Together with each one of these cases, a testimonial of the people who have successfully attended to the Styleitaliano workshops about componeer and changed their vision about semi-direct dentistry.

Fig. 1

Additive prefabricated veneers in the 4 central upper incisors, modifying the length of the centrals and adding thickness to the thin laterals with 4 componeers.

Testimonial 1

Dear Francesca (course organiser), thanks for your continuous efforts, I was able to use the Componeers and from my side I am extremely satisfied, as well as from my patients, and this only because you gave me the opportunity to attend several courses of Doctor Lucchi.

Cara Francesca (organizzatrice) grazie per il tuo continuo impegno, ho potuto utilizzare le faccette Componeer con soddisfazione da parte mia e dei miei pazienti solo perché mi hai dato la possibilità di seguire vari corsi con la dottoressa Lucchi.

Fig. 2

Additive prefabricated veneers on 11 and 21 after removal of the old restorations, direct restorations on 12 and 22, improving color, contour and repairing the defects.

Testimonial 2

In the last course held in Liguria I had cleared many fundamental points for the right use of veneers. I would like still to go in the deep for the cases of VD lifting with the new technique proposed by Dr. Lucchi and Dr. Saracinelli, our course time in Santa Margherita was too short. I wish that we could have continuing courses. Alessandra Boccato.

All ultimo corso tenuto in Liguria ho ulteriormente chiarito molti punti fondamentali per una corretta realizzazione delle faccette.Vorrei ancora approfondire il loro utilizzo nei casi di rialzo di dimensione verticale secondo la nuova tecnica ideata dalla dr. Lucchi e il dr. Saracinelli, il tempo a S.Margherita non è stato sufficiente. Spero ci possa essere un seguito, cari saluti. alessandra boccato

Fig. 3

Removal of old direct composite veneers form the 6 upper frontal teeth. Additive prefabricated veneers were placed in the unprepared remaining tissue, improving color, shape and symmetry of teeth.

Testimonial 3

This letter is to thank you for the beautiful hands-on course held in Santa Margherita Ligure the days 1st-4th October. The course was very useful for the reinforcement of the knowledge of the Coltene Componeer Veneers, especially the practical advices form the teachers that made themselves gentle and prepared in every situation that came up. I would like to warmly thank you for the invitation and if other course will be planned I beg you to keep me informed. Heartily. Dr. Lucio Bruno Magnano.

La presente per ringraziarla del bellissimo corso teorico-pratico avvenuto a S.Margherita Ligure nelle date dal 01 al 04 otttobre c.a. Il corso mi è servito molto per il proseguo e per il rafforzamento della conoscenza delle faccette Componeer della Coltene, soprattutto per i consigli pratici dei docenti che si sono dimostrati cortesi e preparati su ogni problematica affrontata. La ringrazio sentitamente per avermi invitato e anzi se effettuerete altri corsi La pregherei di tenermi informato.Cordialità Dott Lucio Bruno Magnano

Fig. 4

Enamel Hipoplasia of tooth 11, with severe compromise of aesthetics and mild compromise of the structural enamel. After removing the lesion a modified Componeer was tried and then characterised internally with stains in order o match the color features of 21.

Testimonial 4
In reference to the course held from October 1st-4th 2015 about Coltene/Componeer veneers I would like to transmit my thankfulness to you and to the teachers for the optimal outcome of the course. It was useful for me to improve the placement technique and characterisation of the veneers. The teachers demonstrated to be extremely prepared and caring when demonstrating the management of the technique, as equally happened with the organisers. Please keep me informed for other similar events. Best regards, Dr. Federica Poli

In riferimento al corso avvenuto in data 1-4 ottobre 2015 sulle faccette Componeer/Coltene vorrei trasmettere i miei ringraziamenti a Lei e ai docenti per l´ottima riuscita del suddetto avvenimento. Mi è servito per migliorare la mia tecnica di inserimento e caratterizzazione delle faccette. I docenti si sono dimostrati veramente preparati e cordiali nella dimostrazione e nella gestione della tecnica come del resto Lei nel coordinamento gestionale. Mi tenga informata per altre analoghe manifestazioni. Cordiali saluti Dott.sa Federica Poli

Fig. 5

Abrasion and erosion combination in an elder patient. 4 Componeers were placed additively in order to give back volume to the remaining teeth and to transform then from extremely triangular into triangular-ovoid, lengthening the upper incisors and thickening vestibularly the whole situation.

Testimonial 5
Good morning Patty! Thank you for giving the most out of you yesterday in the course, regardless being extremely tired. We were there hitting heavily the floor and you were as active as an exploding volcano taking out your cases. Thanks from the heart, everything was very interesting, most probably I will disturb you with some case of mine! P.S. Please explain me later where do you find so much energy, have a nice Sunday. Stefania Alonzi.

Buongiorno Patty! Grazie di aver dato il massimo ieri a lezione malgrado la stanchezza. Noi eravamo lì che stramazzavamo al suolo e tu come un vulcano esplosivo tiravi fuori casi su casi!grazie di cuore, è stato tutto davvero interessante, sicuramente ti disturbero´con qualche mio caso! p.s. poi mi spieghi dove trovi cosi tanta energia buona domenica. Stefania Alonzi.

Fig. 6

A patient who grinds his teeth is in the need of canine and incisal guidance rehabilitation and improvement of the overall aesthetics. Six Additive Componeers were adapted and cemented in the unprepared teeth, in order to recover the length of the teeth while dissimulating the big diastema with the widening of the centrals.

Testimonial 6
Hi Patrizia, finally I am unwrapping the notes from the course. I must thank you still over and over for the numerous informations that you provided us. Kisses. Tiziana Randon.

Ciao Patrizia, sto finalmente sbobinando gli appunti del corso.devo ancora e ancora ringraziarti per le moltissime informazioni che mi hai dato. Bacini.Tiziana Randon

Fig. 7

Lower teeth with old composite restorations, bonded to each other were restored firstly removing completely the old restorations, separating the teeth again and placing under rubber dam the lower Componeers in order to thicker the teeth, give them a better contour and outline.

Testimonial 7
Hello Patrizia, sorry for bothering you but I wanted to buy a Sand Blaster and use it with Glycine Powder, what do you suggest? Better with attachment to the unit or to the turbine? Is there any need of special tips for the glycine? Congratulations again for the course. Bye bye. Massimiliano Cranchi.

Ciao Patrizia, scusa il disturbo, volevo comprare la sabbiatrice e la vorrei usare con la glicina, cosa mi consigli? Meglio con raccordo alla poltrona o al posto della turbina? Servono beccucci particolari per la glicina? Complimenti ancora per il corso. Ciao Massimiliano Cranchi.

Fig. 8

In the initial situation we can see a proportion discrepancy between wide laterals and narrow centrals. Composite restorations from the laterals were removed in order to make the Laterals narrower and the centrals more protagonist. All of these with the use of 4 Componeers.

Testimonial 8
I did everything the same Moday after the course with you. I found as well the perfect case for a palatal expansion… Thanks… Thanks!!! I will never be able to thank you enough… You were “enlightening´´ for me. Michelle Chazine.

L´ho fatto subito lunedi tornando dal corso con te. Ho trovato anche il caso perfetto per l´espansione del palato..Grazie..grazie!!Non ti ringrazierò mai abbastanza..sei stata“illuminante´´ per me…Michelle Chazine

Fig. 9

Another proportion discrepancy solved with 4 additional Componeers widening and lengthening the centrals while lengthening and reducing the width of the laterals, no preparation was done.

Testimonial 9
Hello Patrizia, I came to your lecture in Pisa las July. I shall give you my compliments for the clarity and passion that you put in the way you set both days. You can see with how much love you teach. I thank you very much. Pamela Blasi.

Ciao Patrizia, ho partecipato alla tua relazione di luglio a Pisa. Devo farti i miei complimenti per la chiarezza e la passione che ci metti e per come hai impostato le due giornate . Si vede quanto amore ci metti. Ti ringrazio molto Pamela Blasi

Fig. 10

Size discrepancy between centrals and laterals with have almost the same size, presence of diastema and discontinuous gingival outline especially in the central incisors. The case was solved with 4 additive componeers taking especial attention on reshaping the son tissues of the centrals.

Testimonial 10
Hello Patrizia, how are you? I am not sure if you remember me, I was at the componeer course at Catania, today I had the opportunity of making my first case and I would like to have the pleasure of watching your outcomes, and maybe to have any advise to get better, I would like to know as well how to warm up the composite, because I used to do it in the baby bottle warmer, but I find it quite hard, so I am wondering how to warm it more effectively. Waiting for your answer, have a nice weekend and see you soon. Cetty Irrera.

Ciao Patrizia come va? Non so se ti ricordi di me, sono stata al corso dei componeer, sabato scorso a Catania, oggi ho avuto l´opportunità di fare il primo caso e mi farebbe piacere farti vedere il risultato,e magari avere qualche tuo consiglio x migliorare, inoltre vorrei sapere come riscaldare il composito, xke io l´ho riscaldato con lo scalda biberon ,ma l ho trovato un po´ duro ,quindi mi chiedevo come poterlo riscaldare meglio. Nell´attesa d una tua risposta t auguro un buon fine settimana..a presto! Cetty Irrera

Fig. 11

Both centrals needed shape and color corrections. Two Componeers were tried out with several colors to have a perfect match, placed, cemented and finished shifting shapes and texture.

Testimonial 11
Patrizia, I am grateful for your friendship and I take advantage of the occasion to give you my sincere compliments for you spotless expertise… see you soon at Trento! Annamarie Viscogliosi

Patrizia ti ringrazio per lamicizia e ne approfitto per farti i più sinceri complimenti per il corso e per la tua impeccabile preparazione…ci vediamo presto a Trento! Annamaria Viscogliosi

Fig. 12

Four additive componeers to shift shape of this Bolton discrepancy case… at the same time white spots were covered. Widening of both centrals and laterals gave a new smile to the patient.

Testimonial 13
Hello Patrizia, I would be interested in doing you Componeers course, I made already the theoretical course in Pavia with your colleague from Bergamo, but because you are the best, for the practical part I would love to see you in action. My question is, how to reach the course, with whom should I register? Should I contact directly Coltene? It will be my most pleasure if you can take me as your disciple, I have seen your work and there is nothing similar, not even close. Ruth Delli Carpini.

Ciao Patrizia, mi interesserebbe fare il corso con te per le Componeers, ho già fatto a Pavia il corso Teorico con il collega di Bergamo, ma siccome tu sei la migliore, per la parte pratica vorrei vedere te in azione.cMi chiedevo come devo fare per raggiungere ciò: presso chi mi iscrivo? devo chiamare Coltene direttamente? Mi farebbe un piacere immenso se tu volessi accogliermi fra i tuoi discepoli, ho visto i tuoi lavori e non c n´è di uguali, nemmeno lontanamente vicini. Ruth Delli Carpini.

Fig. 13

Another Bolton Discrepancy Solved with the use of 4 additive componeers to soften the central diastema by enlarging the central incisors and harmonizing the full smile by lengthening the laterals.

Testimonial 15
Cheers Prof. Thank you for adding me to your contacts, but most of all, thank you for these two days of formation… sometimes is necessary some `indications´´!! See you next time. Lucia Scarpata.

Salve Prof., grazie per avermi aggiunto ai Suoi contatti, ma soprattutto grazie per questi due giorni formativi… a volte ci vogliono proprio delle “dritte´´!! Alla prossima. Lucia Scarpata

Fig. 14

This case needs no explanation, just read the testimonial

HI Patrizia, I allow myself to tell you some words, first because I feel the right to tell them. Today I cried of joy and thankfulness. I have lived many `intense´´situations where I have learnt that every human being is a universe with many potentials and that has the right to be free, serene and happy, and that is the message I want to deliver. Now, when I laugh I see a new beginning in me, these teeth have given me a symbolic value that goes beyond the aesthetics, I thank you from the bottom of my heart. Chiara, your patient.

Ciao Patrizia, mi permetto di dirti qualche parola perché sento di poterlo fare. Oggi ho pianto di gioia e gratitudine. Ho vissuto molte situazioni “intense´´ dove ho imparato che l´essere umano è un universo con tante potenzialità e che ha il diritto di essere libero sereno e gioioso, ed è il messaggio che voglio portare. Adesso quando rido vedo un nuovo inizio per me, questi denti hanno un valore simbolico che va oltre l´estetica, e ti dico grazie dal profondo del cuore. Chiara, la tua paziente.