Unesthetic restoration of a previously endodontically treated tooth

A clinical case by our Community member Dr. Muhammed Bahadeen

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A 13 year old male patient came to the office complaining of the poor aesthetics of the restoration on his upper left central incisor.

opaque composite restoration seen from the side style italiano styleitaliano

As seen from a lateral view, the restoration is short and opaque, and mismatched in color.

button try for composite color selection style italiano styleitaliano

Composite shades should be decided within 3 minutes to avoid error in shade selection due to tooth dehydration.

rubber dam isolation before incisor restoration style italiano styleitaliano

After complete removal of the old restoration the remaining tooth structure is too small to provide any kind of retention.

cementation of intra-canal fiber post styleitaliano style italiano

Thus a fiber post placement was necessary to reinforce the restoration.

spacing check with silicone index style italiano styleitaliano

A silicone index was previously prepared on the mock up for the patient. It was first used to check spacing for fiber post extra-coronal length and composite layering.

composite heating with spatula styleitaliano style italiano

Composite was heated to 68° C to enhance adaptation and handling of the composite.

palatal composite shell and fiber post style italiano styleitaliano

A palatal shell was created using a translucent enamel to give esthetic incisal translucency.

spacing between palatal composite shell and fiber post style italiano styleitaliano

Occlusal view shows space for layering.

polishing composite with lucida star felt style italiano styleitaliano

After finishing the restoration, the Lucida composite polishing system was used.

side view of composite restoration of upper left central incisor styleitaliano style italiano

Final result. Lateral view is to show the composite surface texture.

final result after composite restoration style italiano styleitaliano

Frontal view almost mimics the adjacent central incisor.


For patients under the age of 18, anatomical landmarks creation on the restoration is crucial because the natural teeth are not worn out due to long term subjections of certain foods and beverages and age related anatomical changes. Thus the restoration should mimic the adjacent tooth as much as possible.


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