An underestimated problem: dentin hypersensitivity [Vol I]

Dentin hypersensitivity (DHS), what on earth is it?

It is a problem, a real one; a problem for the patient, and for the clinician.

DHS is defined as a “short, sharp pain derived from exposed dentin in response to chemical, thermal, tactile or osmotic stimuli which cannot be attributed to any other dental defect or disease”. So, it is painful!

It often happens that both patients and dentists underestimate this pain; we all may think that it’s not so important. Patients can be shy about complaining for this hypersensitivity, so they just change their lifestyle, avoiding any behavior that could cause pain to arise. So – maybe – our patient is just avoiding eating an ice cream with friends, because he’s afraid about having pain!

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An overview on the stimuli can cause DHS

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Differences between attrition and erosion

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Typical erosion pattern in a patient with eating disorders

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Abfraction lesions

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Diffused erosions and attrition

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Gingival recessions


This is the end of our first issue on DHS. In the next article we will try to understand how to relieve pain in a quick and predictable way, so stay in the loop!


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