Tooth Prep with Finishing Line

A clinical case by our Community member Dr. Stefano Conti

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A 20 years old patient came to the clinic with two fractured ceramic crowns on his upper central incisors.

styleitaliano style italiano smile showing broken crown on central incisor

As a treatment, we planned to prepare the teeth to receive two new zirconia crowns on 11-21 and two veneers on 12 and 22 in order to restore the esthetics of a pleasant smile, and a healthy gingival architecture.

styleitaliano style italiano digital smile design

As a first step, smile design was performed to evaluate dimension, shape, and position of central and lateral incisors.

styleitaliano style italiano Old crown preparations after old crown removal

Old ceramic crowns were removed.

styleitaliano style italiano chamfer preparation for zirconia crowns

A chamfer tooth preparation was chosen for teeth 11 and 21, while a direct mock-up was performed at teeth 12, 22.

styleitaliano style italiano provisional crowns and mock up on upper incisors

Temporary crowns and mock-up at the end of the session.

styleitaliano style italiano smile with provisional restorations

Smile close-up with temporary crowns on 11 and 21, and direct mock-up of 12 and 22.

styleitaliano style italiano cast model for good control over finishing line

A Geller cast model was fabricated. CDT Franco Pozzi & Ateicos Quintavalla.

styleitaliano style italiano geller model for crown veneer case

Dental cast ready for the fabrication of the Zirconia crowns according to the wax-up.

styleitaliano style italiano dental wax up and preparations

Digital superimposition showing wax-up on model.

styleitaliano style italiano cemented zirconia crowns and veneers

Final picture shows the final zirconia crown restorations on 11 and 21, and the veneers cemented on 12 and 22.

aidite style italiano styleitaliano
aidite style italiano styleitaliano
styleitaliano style italiano side view of incisor restorations

Lateral view.

styleitaliano style italiano before and after zirconia smile restoration

Before and after.


Our patient want a natural look, but also strong and durable restorations. The two central incisors were restored with layered zirconia single crown, while the lateral incisors were restored with ceramic veneers.
Relative to anterior teeth, my preference continues to be layered zirconia, while in the posterior monolithic zirconia is still the best option. With layered zirconia and, a thin layering in the buccal area, a 3-dimensional color can be created and optimal esthetic outcomes can be achieved.

Lab. Pozzi Franco, Parma,Italy.


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style italiano styleitaliano indirect restorations with dual-cured dentine substitutes

Simplifying indirect restorations with dual-cured dentine substitutes

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