The NEW Smile Capture

In very short time, smartphone cameras had undergone an exponential improvement, and this need for a flawless camera in the palm of your hand has grown so much up to the point that the amount of digital images produced by mobile phones in the world have surpassed the digital compact cameras and will do so with the DSRL in few time. The need to adapt to new phone evolution has lead us to develop the New Smile Capture. Smile Capture is a system designed to transform the smartphone into a compact dental camera system together with the Smile lite. Smile Capture was originally developed and designed for iPhone, but many of the high-end cameras are present in Android, Smile Capture is now compatible with Samsung and many Android based cameras. Both of this smartphone brands have probably the best cameras in the market and they improve dramatically with each evolution.


Android based App is optimized for Samsung Samsung Galaxy S4 – Galaxy S5– Note 3 – Note 4


The universal attachment allows to slide the Smile Lite and then stick the whole system onto the flat surface of the phone.


Samsung cameras have amazing macro capabilities, allowing to produce high quality images.


Example shots made by non expert photographers using smile capture and Smile Lite.


Samsung phones and Smile Capture are an amazing combination to produce intraoral pictures. The Android based app has a big improvement which has an autofocus micro correction within the end of the image capture.


Both versions of the app are free in Google Play and App Store.iPhone 6 and iPhone 6Plus has suffered an incredible change regarding design and shape, which made it initially not suitable for the old version of Smile Capture.


Now, with the universal solution, is possible to use both iPhone 6, iPhone 6 plus and most models of iPad. The new camera of Apple, regardless of being again a solution of 8 Mpx, has an improved sensor and lenses which has dramatically increased the quality and outcome of the pictures.


iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus are fully compatible with the New Smile Capture.


Sharpness of images is better controlled with the new size of the screen.
Sharpness of the images The user will have to train a little bit in order to get a correct sharpness of images. In case the sharpness if not ok, the cause is just that the distance to the area to be captured was not correct (too far or too close). Best of course is when the patient’s head is supported and is not moving. At the beginning, it might be of help to train with the zoom for getting the correct sharpness: prior to shooting, you may zoom for checking the sharpness and zoom back just before clicking on the «Camera» button. Taking several pictures in a same session will also be a good training.
Images In spite of the calibration procedure, image quality may slightly differ depending on the ambient light. If you feel your image is over exposed, recalibrate using this time the high value card. Make also a test after having slightly dimmed the light and/or closed the blinds. On the contrary if your image seems too dark, recalibrate using this time the low value card. Also, it is important to know that depending on the quality of your computer screen and the fact it is calibrated or not, the images may look different from when watched on the iPhone screen. When choosing a new computer screen, prefer a high quality product and also don’t hesitate to ask a specialist for learning how to calibrate it.


The new universal attachment of Smile Capture works adhesively over flat surfaces. If your phone has satin surface, there is an adhesive tag to turn it into the perfect adhesive surface.