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1 Aug 2013

Smile Lite

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Smile Lite is a 5500°K calibrated LEDs (Light Emitting Diodes) light. The quality of light reproduces the natural and neutral daylight. Smile Lite was developped for allowing the dentist a dynamic shade-matching of teeth, this in the best possible conditions, whatever the moment of the day and whatever the weather outside (sunny or cloudy). The aim is to gain in reliability, simplicity and efficacy while drastically reducing the risk of mistakes.

Style LENSE polarizing filter annihilates light reflection (specular and diffuse) and allows the user to observe the teeth in a totally new way for color, deepness and transparencies. It also incredibly enhances the visualization of internal details and characteristics. It is very instructive to alternate the observation of teeth without and with polarizing filter for a dynamic shade matching.

Fig. 1

Developed by Smile Line and powered by styleitaliano, Smile Lite is a revolutionary product, never seen before in the dental field, is the first natural light to display a live polarization lense (style LENSE), allowing the user to remove glares and specular reflections in order to enhance the visualization of the teeth and understand every single detail.

Fig. 2

Especially useful when matching color and being able to try any number of tabs without the need of taking polarized pictures for every trial and error.

Fig. 3

Smile lite allows the user to do intraoperatory controls during stratification and to control any aesthetic trestorations during the build-up stages, in composite, ceramics or acrylics.

Fig. 4

The lamp has a color temperature of 5500K, the standard in natural light for color matching. Especially callibrated fullfils the standards being the most accurate lamp for light temperature.

Fig. 5

The filter has an extremely easy system to place and remove from the lamp.