Single-visit diastema closure

A clinical case by our Community member Dr. Muhammad Bahadeen

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A patient came asking to correct the central diastema. Some extrinsic stains were found. The central diastema was 2mm, there was no shift in the midline, and the frenal attachment did not interfere with the future emergence of the restoration. Although diastema between the centrals and the laterals were present, the patient only wanted to correct the central one.

floss ligatures and rubber dam isolation on central incisors style italiano styleitaliano

Isolation of the teeth with rubber dam and floss ligature were put on the centrals to ensure optimum gingival retraction and avoid over hanging restorations.

abrasive disc for surface cleaning style italiano styleitaliano

Using an abrasive disc slightly roughen the enamel surface and remove the fluoridated enamel.

enamel etching with acid style italiano styleitaliano

Enamel etching with 37% phosphoric acid for 20 seconds to the areas which will receive the composite restoration.

etched enamel style italiano styleitaliano

Etched surface looks frosty.

Lucida star felt for composite polishing style italiano styleitaliano

After finishing the restorations, polishing is done using the Lucida Composite Gloss System.

style italiano styleitaliano diashine lucida
style italiano styleitaliano diashine lucida
polished composite restorations style italiano styleitaliano

Final result.

right after direct composite restoration style italiano styleitaliano

Final result with dehydration which makes the teeth look whiter than natural. Shade selection should be performed at the beginning of any restorative procedure.

final result after composite restoration rehydration style italiano styleitaliano

3 days after rehydration, the teeth look more natural and the gingiva is healthy. Complete rehydration of the tissues can take between 24 and 48 hours.


Diastema closure can be done in a conservative, single visit, and doesn’t have to be a complicated procedure


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