Simplify posterior restorations

A clinical case by our Community member Dr. Ali Almasoudi

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Restoration of posteriors always carries a few challenges, such as the contact point, the shape and the occlusion. This said, a specifically designed instrument, such as the Solo Posterior by LM and Styleitaliano, can really simplify our job.

lower molar with caries

Initial situation showing caries on tooth 36.

second class cavity of lower molar with rubber dam isolation

After rubber dam isolation, the decayed tissue was removed.

selective etching of the enamel

In this case, selective etching of the enamel was done with 37% phosphoric acid.

matrix and wedge placed for class II restoration

Matrix in place with proper marginal seal.

ring for matrix adaptation in class 2 restoration

A ring was used to improve adaptation of the matrix to the proximal walls.

solo posterior bulding proximal wall with composite

The proximal wall was built first to turn the class II cavity into a class I. The  Solo posterior instrument was used.

class one cavity after proximal build-up

The class I cavity is easy to fill up.

solo posterior modeling pits and fissures

Also the occlusal anatomy was created using the Solo posterior.

final anatomy of molar composite restoration

Occlusal view of final the restoration.

style italiano styleitaliano dentistry

Some ochre stains were used to give the restoration more volume.

brown stain to characterize sulci

And some brown stain was used characterize the fissures.

composite restoration of lower molar

Details of the anatomy after the removal of the rubber dam.

occlusal check after composite restoration

Occlusal check, some occlusal adjustments were needed.

polishing composite restorations

Occlusal adjustment and finishing done by using Enhance burs.

lucida felt and polishing paste on posterior composite filling

As a last step, the Lucida™ Composite Gloss System by Styleitaliano was used for gloss.

polished composite restoration

Immediate post-operative result.


Special care should be taken when restoring posterior teeth. This article shows a simple approach to obtain esthetic and reliable results in posterior teeth by using the Solo posterior by LM dental designed by Styleitaliano.


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