Prefabricated composite veneers

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22 Dec 2016

In some cases, some patients' incisors have a lingual position. Thus, due to their positions it's difficult to clean them. Also, because the neighboring teeth cast a shadow on them, they seem like dark teeth. We can align these teeth with prefabricated composite veneers in a short session.

Fig. 1

Img. 1 – Initial front view of the patient at occlusion.

Fig. 2

Img. 2 – Appearance of tooth no:31 of a smoker at lingual position.

Fig. 3

Img. 3 – Lateral view of tooth no. 31

Fig. 4

Img. 4 – Lower anterior small size prefabricated composite laminated veneers (Edelweiss, Austria)

Fig. 5

Img. 5 – Trimming the veneer with a red banded bur to adjust the gingival part and the sides if necessary

Fig. 6

Img. 6 – Isolation of adjacent teeth with metal or transparent bands and etching of the cleaned tooth prior to the bonding procedure

Fig. 7

Img. 7 – Prefabricated veneer placed with a suitable colored body composite, right after the procedure

Fig. 8

Img. 8 – Lateral view after finishing and polishing

Fig. 9

Img. 9 – One week after the procedure at occlusion

Fig. 10

Img. 10 – Lateral view after one week

Fig. 11

Img. 11 – Frontal view of the smile after two months



Patients who have this kind of condition are unhappy with the appearance of their teeth. They can’t clean these teeth very well. This is even more problematic for smokers. Although this problem can be solved in a number of ways, we can also solve this problem using prefabricated composite laminated veneers in practical way with a single appointment.


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