worn upper incisors

Post-orthodontic direct incisal lengthening

A clinical case by our Community member Dr. Roma Turetsky


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This patient underwent a complex orthodontic treatment in our clinic to correct an open bite. After the orthodontic treatment, the patient was referred to me to restore the abrasion of the incisal edges of the anterior teeth, and to change the volume of the teeth.
A silicone impression was previously obtained for a wax-up on which a silicone key was fabricated. The restoration was carried out with composite shaded BL and WE, Estelite Asteria (Tokuyama).

intraoral picture of teeth in occlusion


Initial situation. Immediately after orthodontic treatment.

patient smiling before restoration of upper teeth


Patient smile before restoration.

intraoral picture showing upper worn teeth


Photo of abrasion of the cutting edges of anterior teeth.

electrosurgicallt corrected gingival heights


After anaesthesia, the zeniths of teeth 11 and 12 were corrected.

rubber dam isolation of the upper arch


Isolation with the rubber dam.

floss ligatures for dam retraction


Rubber dam inversion and retraction with floss. Teeth were sandblasted with 27-micron aluminum oxide.

silicone index try-in


Fitting of the silicone key.

etching of the whole anterior sextant


Etching the enamel before the adhesive procedures.

palatal incisal composite build up


Restoration of the palatal wall of the incisal edge.

composite incisal lengthening


Restoration of the buccal wall.

upper fixed retainer after orthodontic treatment


A retainer was placed at the end of the treatment to keep teeth in place.

incisors after composite restoration and gingivectomy


Aspect after the restoration.

shiny and seamless direct tooth restorations


After two weeks gums had healed and restorations were integrated.

upper teeth after composite incisal lengthening


View of the incisal edges.

intraoral view of restored upper teeth


After restoration.

smile of patient after incisal restoration


Smile photo.


Composite materials allow to directly restore teeth without tissue preparation. The preliminary wax-up procedure greatly facilitates the work and provides an outline of the future restoration. The BL composite shade allowed to achieve the highly aesthetic result required.


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