Marco Ferrari

• M.D. degree (Pisa University) and D.M.D. post graduate certificate from University of Siena, Italy
• Dean, at School of Dental Medicine, University of Siena
• Full professor and Chair of Prosthodontics Department at School of Dental Medicine, University of Siena
• Research Professor, Tufts University, Boston, MA
• Professor, Restorative Dentistry, University of Leeds, UK
• Adjunct professor, Rochester University, Rochester, NY
• President Elect European Prosthodontic Association, and Dental Material Group-IADR
• Past President of Academy of Dental Materials, European Federation of Conservative Dentistry, CED-IADR
• Member of the Supreme Court of Health
• Author of 450 articles in impact factor international journal and Editor of J Osseointegration, Associate
Editor of 4 international journals and board member of 10 other journals
• Prof. Ferrari is lecturing internationally on prosthodontics and dental materials topics.