Janos Grosz

Janos graduated summa cum laude in 2006 from the University of
Szeged, Faculty of Dentistry, Hungary. He specialized in restorative dentistry. In all of his work
Janos is striving for excellence and aiming to offer minimally invasive restorative treatments for
his patients.
Despite his young age he practices not only in Hungary, but he is also a registered dentist in the
United Kingdom (obtained licence in 2010). He is an acknowledged lecturer and regularly runs
hands-on courses about anterior direct restorations, e.g. preparations techniques in the anterior
and posterior region.
Being passionate about sharing knowledge and facilitate discussions both with patients and
colleagues, Janos is committed to a high level of dental photography. He regularly teaches at
his courses the fundamentals of dental photography and the importance of visual learning in
dental communication.