Polarized Dental Photography, a whole new world

Aesthetic dentistry becomes a major concern of every dentist. And nowadays, each dentist claim to master the Art of Dental Photography to show the real part of cosmetics and aesthetics among colleagues and through societies. Dental photography is not limited to a specific field or department, camera is a universal tool for documentation.

In the past; dentists aimed to develop their technical and theoretical skills day by day, achieving thereby a high quality dentistry, but they never thought to how can they show other dentists what they have reached in their practice.

Today, dental photography is considered a major science for aesthetic and conservative dentistry, it´s an everyday practice, every dentist should have the skills and knowledge of how to take a classic illustrative photo under any circumstances.

As a rule, the Basic Science of anything you want to know is the first door through this science. However, General photography differs from that of dental photography, it’s more specified and ruled to serve dentistry through its different fields, for instance; Portrait photography in the field of dentistry has a restricted and specified measures and rules to be standardized, and hence its measurements can be used for facial and smile analysis precisely without any errors.

First of all, the Dental Photography main classification forum is:


And I am going to go through the Polarized Dental photography briefly and illustrating tips and tricks to be to the point.


Generally, Polarizers can be classified into. Linear polarizers, and Circular polarizers. Here I am only discussing the theory and techniques of using Linear polarizers, in a simple and easy way.


Cinema eye glasses are one of the examples of polarizers (linear polarizers). Glasses (polarizers) are positioned in the frame in such a manner to be perpendicular to each other (one vertical, while the other is horizontal).

NB. The reason that they are positioned to be perpendicular to each other; is as every eye receive different image (one Horizontal and one Vertical); the brain interpret these two images to construct one image (which is the 3D image) that is why it is recommended to position your inter-pupillary line parallel to the plane of the floor while you are watching a cinema film to best enjoy a well constructed 3D image.


By detaching the polarizers from the frame, you can observe these two situations. Either see nothing, or see everything.


There should be one polarizer on the lens and another one on the flash or flashes.


This Classification should be adopted on the polarizers used on flashes not the lens, as on the Linear Polarization (using polarizers singularly) the 90 degree polarizer allows for the maximum passage of filtered (polarized) light, while on the contrary, the 0 degree polarizers blocks the whole light.


This photo was taken under neutral lighting conditions.


60 degree polarization; also known the “True Cross polarization”, as the polarizers are sharply perpendicular on each other.


45 degree polarization, known as “Partial Cross Polarization”.


The 90 degree polarization; known as “Parallel polarization” or “False Cross polarization”.


A Comparison made between the 0 and 90 degrees (the extremes of the chart) just to see the difference in both views.


30 degree polarization.


60 degree polarization.
Here are some examples of photos taken by different Polarization techniques.


This beautiful layering was made by my great friend and instructor Amr Eldeeb, and the technique used to take it is 60 degree polarization.


This photo (Angiogenesis, Micro-vessels) was taken by the 30 degree technique.


Apart from Dental sciences , there are a lot of things to be discovered and to be concerned, and it is worth your struggling and your efforts. If you keep listening and paying attention to what negative people say; you won’t progress, people always speak, but you have to be laser-focused on what you want… I am thankful for the one who supports me mentally and spiritually, and I am blessed to have a spirit raising mentors and friends.