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29 Apr 2014

The innovative design of the Photo-CAD retractors allow for the best results with photography of the 4 quadrants and during digital impressions with Cad-CAM systems.
Photo-CAD are foldable and have a soft surface for the patients’ best comfort. Photo-CAD fits perfectly in Flexipalette Family.

Photo-CAD UP

Photo-CAD UP is a cheek retractor which can be used every day. Its function when in use for dental photography will be to retract the vestibular soft tissues in the area upper pre-molar/molar during « occlusal » image capture. It will be of great help too during optical scanned-impressions for Cad-CAM systems.
It can be bent more or less close to the handle depending on the desired retraction surface.

Photo-CAD UP can be used in the upper area as much as in the lower in many working phases (ex : conservative, preps, surgery, etc.) as a very comfortable retractor for both dentist and patient.

Fig. 1