Multiple Diastema Closure in the frontal area

A clinical case by our Community member Dr. Riccardo Galetti

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This young patient came seeking for the closure of the spaces between teeth 13-12-11-21-22-23, which presence was due to a discrepancy of the dental-alveolar mesio-distal space (Altered Bolton Index).

styleitaliano style italiano multiple diastemas

Spaces were distributed quite evenly on both sides between canines, laterals and central incisors.

styleitaliano style italiano isolation with rubber dam and ligatures for diastema restorations

After providing proper isolation, ligatures were done on all the teeth to expose the cervical area and retract the soft tissues.

styleitaliano style italiano left and right view of multiple diastemas

Lateral views showing the distribution of the diastemas between all frontal teeth.

styleitaliano style italiano sandblasting of dental surface

Sandblasting with 30-micron aluminum oxide particles to roughen the teeth surfaces prior to the adhesion procedure.

styleitaliano style italiano etching enamel in the proximal areas

Enamel etching procedure of the proximal and bonding areas that need to be restored.

styleitaliano style italiano etched proximal enamel for direct composite bonding

Etched enamel surfaces.

styleitaliano style italiano bonded enamel surfaces before restoration

After applying of a universal adhesive to the dental surfaces.

styleitaliano style italiano closed central diastema

Closure of the central diastema between with a single shade mass of Body A2 composite. A posterior matrix was placed vertically to build up the proximal walls of the two teeth.

styleitaliano style italiano diastemas between incisors close with composite

Closure of the diastemas between teeth 12-11 and 22-21 was managed in the same way, again with a single shade mass of Body A2 composite.

styleitaliano style italiano left and right view of closed diastemas

Side views of the teeth showing the closed diastemas.

styleitaliano style italiano immediately after diastema closure

Immediate post-op after removing the rubber dam.

styleitaliano style italiano coronal migration of papillae after diastema closure with direct composite

Two week check-up. As we can see, the papilla migrated coronally, guided by the new emergence profiles of the teeth.

styleitaliano style italiano smile after multiple diastema closure

Smile of the patient at the end of the treatment, 2 weeks post-op.


Many patients just don’t think about how easy and fast is to completely change the look of a smile like this. Diastemas are not a big deal to treat, but their closure can give amazing results. A single visit treatment with just one shade, and freehand is enough to obtain a result that is smile-changing.


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Post-orthodontic treatment with direct composite veneers

Direct composite veneers are nowadays a great instrument to achieve highly aesthetic results, with a low financial effort, and without the need for tooth preparation.