A two-day course about 21st century endodontics: 3d rx diagnosis, access opening, finding canals, pre-flaring, scouting, glide-path, shaping, cleaning, obturation techniques. And much more. Participant will learn what is needed for an up-to date, easy and predictable endodontic practice. All the aspects of endodontic diagnosis and treatment will be addressed. Beside of the scientific activity we will have a great time in the beautiful Ligurian coast of Santa Margherita Ligure – Portofino. The full program here. See you in November.

Registration and info, exclusively writing an email to: courses@styleitaliano.org


Day 1

09.00 a.m. The StyleItalianoEndodontics recipe

09.15 a.m. Endodontic Diagnosis: how to figure out what’s wrong, and where.

10.00 a.m. Diagnostic Technologies: what is needed to be really self-confident. Digital pulp testing, Thermal test, Transillumination. Other devices: Digital force transducer, Optical coherence tomography, Magnetic resonance imaging, Ultrasound imaging.

11.00 a.m Digital radiography

11.30  a.m Coffee break

12.00  Intra Oral x-ray systems: Imaging Plate Technology, Digital Intraoral Sensors. Cone-beam computed tomography. Image processing software

01.30 p.m.  Light Lunch

02.30 p.m. Hands-on practice: Digital receptors, handling and processing. 3-d imaging software: a powerful weapon for a first-class endodontic practice

03.00 p.m. Treatment planning: what, when, why. Errors and mistakes.

03.30 p.m. Computer assisted anaesthesia system


Hands-on practice

04.00 p.m. Style Italiano Access Cavity Concept the difficult task to find canal orifices made easy.

05.30 p.m. End of first day

6:30 p.m. free time

08.30 p.m. Dinner with participants and lecturers


Day 2

09.00 a.m. Shaping & Cleaning: the StyleItalianoEndodontic philosophy

09:30  a.m. Step-back, Crown-Down, Step-Down techniques. Manual, rotary, reciprocating files. Scouting. Pre-flaring. Glide path, mechanical vs. manual. Working length digital determination.

10.30  a.m. Canal shaping, gauging, apical finishing

11.30  a.m. Coffee break

12.00  Irrigation: gaining the best from Sonic and Ultrasonic technologies,

01.30 p.m. Lunch

02.30 p.m. Filling the root canals

Hands-on: bioceramic, vertical compaction, carrier-based.

04.00 p.m. Endodontic questions and answers: Participants are encouraged to freely ask questions about all  their doubts in Endodontics.

05.30 p.m. Farewell, diplomas and pictures.


Registration and info, exclusively writing an email to: courses@styleitaliano.org



Very Early Bird: 400€ and VAT free before September 20th

Early Bird 2: 450€ + VAT before October 1st

Lazy bird: 500€+VAT after October 2nd

Includes (All 3 registration modes include):

– The 2 day course 25th and 26th of September

– Coffee breaks

– 1 Dinner with participants and lecturers


Does not includes

– Hotel

– Transportation

– Personal Expenses


The prices are in Euro and do not contain VAT. The VAT is 22% in Italy. If you have a valid VAT number for European Union transactions (VIES), you do not have to pay the VAT, please check your number in this link: http://ec.europa.eu/taxation_customs/vies/vatResponse.html

In case of cancelling no refunds will be made, if cancellation is done 30 days before the date of the course, the fee can be used to book another date.

Payment methods:

1.- Credit card (via Paypal link)


2.- Bank transfer to:

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