LM Arte Modella & Twist

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15 Jan 2013

Already well know worldwide, LM-arte istruments are the state-of -the-art in aesthetic stratification and composite resins handling. Continuing the evolution of this family of instruments we’ve designed two new instruments.

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Two super sharp spatulas especially made to fit your every needs Modella (modeling) and Applica Twist (twisted) are the best complement for the LM Arte set.

Fig. 1

LM-Arte Modella

Achieve even surfaces

Super thin and wide spatula ideal for composite modeling, especially on big surfaces such as a vestibular wall of a frontal tooth, the wide blade allows to flatten the surface very efficiently and the extreme thin tip makes the spatula very sharp and precise for all aesthetic needs and small details. Is useful as well to carry composite out of the syringe and into the cavity.

Fig. 2

LM-Arte Applica Twist

Access to every surface

Thin and narrow spatula as the LM-Arte Applica, its bended angles allow to reach even more difficult areas without twisting so much the hand, as modeling appproximal walls or the marginal ridge in matrix.