Indirect Style

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16 May 2014

INDIRECT STYLE For orders click here or visit Komet Card for the Assistant

Fig. 1

Card for the assistant and re-order

Fig. 2

Card for the doctors

Fig. 3

Indirect Style is a set of 8 burs divided into two categories, Overlays and Veneers, the upper row is special for posterior indirect restorations (letter O Onlay-Overlay) and the lower row is special for anterior indirect restorations (letter V Veneer).


Fig. 4

Step 1.- Tronco conical, flat-end, rounded edges thick high speed diamond bur for cusp removal (2mm).

Fig. 5

Step 2.- Low speed big carbide round bur for caries removal before IDS and build up.

Fig. 6

Step 3.- active-head bur for margin finishing, this bur only cuts in the very end to avoid touching other teeth.

Fig. 7

Step 4.- Fine grit diamond bur for fine preparations and smoothening. INDIRECT ANTERIORS

Fig. 8

Step 1.- High speed cylindrical round-ended diamond bur for incisal preparation (1,5 mm)

Fig. 9

Step 2.- Anatomical depth determination bur, 0,3

Fig. 10

Step 3.- Coarse diamond cylindrical chamfer-end bur for veneer gross preparation

Fig. 11

Step 4.- Fine grit diamond cylindrical chamfer-end bur for veneer fine preparation and prep finishing.

Fig. 12

Inirect Style set consists of 8 burs and two plastic cards, one for the clinician and the other for the assistant and re-ordering.