Hidden Class II

2 Mar 2017 - 6306

Hidden cavities is one of the bigest problem in conservative dentistry. Thirts of all of course in case of dignostics. The second problem is the contact with patient – because our patients usually don't fill this cavities and sometimes don't belive that there was a cavity. 

Of course we can use bitewing x-rays, magnification, photos and also we can use visualisation with light and photos. 

As a result of this kind of cavities we can see cracs on the margin ridges, that can be visualised with light (pic 2). 

And then earlier we will find this cavities and treat them – then more conservative treatment will be with less sized cavity and without involving endodontic treatment. 

Fig. 1

Situation before treatment. Patient after orthodontic treatment

Fig. 2

Hedden Class II. Visualization with thin tip for curing led lamp. Small crack as a result of leasion.

Fig. 3


Fig. 4

Matrix adaptation with teflone tape.

Fig. 5

After the finishin proximal shell with enamel composite the dentine layer was finished with chromatic composite

Fig. 6

Finishing anatiomy of occlusal surface with enamel composite

Fig. 7

Some tints for increasing visualisation of fissuras

Fig. 8

After remooving excecc composite and polishing. 

Fig. 9

another angle

Fig. 10

Final result after occlusal checking.



Early diagnostics of hidden cavities can prevent big lesion and missing tooth structure.