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10 Mar 2017

Gengiva is named after the italian word for "Gum" or "Gingiva". It is an istrument that has the characteristic of having strong plastic interchangeable tips, making them modifiable and disposable.

The aim in restorative treatment of a cervical lesion is to achieve a perfect margin sealing, a strong bonding and an optimal polishing for the composite material. Retraction is always a challenge and mechanical retraction can be traumatic for the gingiva when not done properly.

The use of special LM-Gengiva gingival retracting kit has many advantages over the traditional rubber dam and retraction cords. It is used to avoid injuring the gingiva unnecessarily and obtain the best clinical result. With this method the desired end result is achieved: the soft tissue is not harmed and the esthetic requirements are fulfilled. 

LM-Gingival Retractors are used with LM-Gengiva instrument. The blue plastic working ends adapt tightly to the gingival margin in different teeth.

Gingival retractors
– retract the gingiva from the restoration
– hardness of the plastic tip allows a strong retraction
– the plastic tips allow certain flexibility for more adaptation while pressured
– the tip acts as a tight seal between the gingiva and tooth
– protects the gingiva and diminishes the debonding failures
– the bonding interface and the gingival margin can be seen perfectly; perfect contrast with soft tissues
– possible to customise with bur in order to fit a convex or concave root detect
– no bonding of the adhesive materials to the tips surface
– no interference with polymerization
– disposable

Fig. 1

Gingival retractor retracts the gingiva from the restoration. The slight resilience of the plastic tip allows more adaptation while pressured. The tip acts as a tight seal between the gingiva and tooth. It protects the gingiva and diminishes the debonding failures. The bonding interface and the gingival margin can be seen perfectly.

Fig. 2

After completing the composite restoration the retractor is replaced to protect the soft tissues from burs and abrasive rubbers and lets the finishing instruments reach the margins of the restorations

Fig. 3
Fig. 4

LM-Gengiva gingival retracting kit (product code LM 7556K ES/XSI) includes LM-Gengiva hand instrument, blue gingival retractors (assortment of circa 90 pcs, 30 pcs/size) and LM-MultiLever for the removal of plastic working ends