Full quadrant restoration

A clinical case by our Community member Dr. Roma Turetsky

This patient came complaining about food entrapment in between teeth in the upper right quadrant.

quadrant with multiple decayed teeth

Upon examination we found infiltration of old composite restorations on teeth 14, 16, and 17, and a lesion on tooth 15. We decided to restore the quadrant in one single session.

caries on upper teeth

After the infiltration anesthesia, the preparation of teeth, removal of old fillings, opening of the proximal walls.

isolated upper quadrant with clean cavities

Isolation with the rubber dam (Nictone heavy). Cavities were cleaned and proximal spaces opened where needed.

matrices and wedges for adhesive procedure isolation

Matrices were placed before adhesive procedures. A total etching technique was used in association with OptiBond FL adhesive.

bulk filling deep cavities

First, tooth 17 and the proximal walls of tooth 16 and 14 were restored. The cavity floor was covered using Filtek Bulk fill flowable composite and Estelite Asteria Estelite Asteria A3B.

composite restoration of upper molars

The anatomy of teeth 17, 16, and 14 were finished using enamel Estelite Asteria OcE.

beautiful composite restorations

Fissures were stained using ochre and brown. At this stage it was very convenient to finish mesial 16 and distal 14 with Soflex discs, having full access for perfect polishing.

floss ligature and anatomical matrix for mod premolar cavity

A floss ligature was used to retract the rubber dam around tooth 15, as the distal margin was very gingival.

restoring mod cavity on premolar with composite and matrices

Anatomical matrices were placed at the same time on mesial and distal 15, and a Garrison ring was used to stabilise the matrix. Adhesive procedures were carried out, and then the tooth was restored.

finished quadrant composite restorations

Prophyflex was used to remove the oxygen inhibited layer before final polishing.

quadrant composite fillings after polishing

Photo of the restoration after polishing. Polishing pastes with different polishing capacity were used with a goat brush to get the final gloss.

occlusal check after quadrant restoration

Occlusal check.

xray after composite fillings

Immediate X-ray check.

composite fillings after rehydration

Photo of teeth after 3 weeks rehydration.


Quadrant multiple restorations are very convenient to restore in one single session.
When performing multiple restorations we have access to areas we couldn’t reach when proceeding tooth by tooth. Modern materials allow us to achieve aesthetic integration of the restoration with the tooth tissues, making the restoration seamless.


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style italiano styleitaliano indirect restorations with dual-cured dentine substitutes

Simplifying indirect restorations with dual-cured dentine substitutes

Stress-free and beautiful indirect restorations require materials that simplify build-up, ensure complete curing, and facilitate smooth preparation.
style italiano styleitaliano worn misaligned teeth composite veneers direct composite restoration direct veneering of central incisor

Align then Restore