Finishing Style

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16 May 2014

FINISHING STYLE For orders click here or visit Komet Card for the Assistant

Fig. 1

Card for the assitants and re-ordering

Fig. 2

Card For the Doctors

Fig. 3

Finishing Style is a set of 6 burs, burs 1 and 2 are for posteriors, the 3, 4 and 5 are for anteriors and the last bur is for corrections.

Fig. 4

Step 1.- Low speed multi-blade round bur for occlusal adjustments. This bur may also be used for secondary anatomy development in anteriors.

Fig. 5

Step 2.- High speed multi-blade point bur, to finish, smoothen and remove excess from margins

Fig. 6

Step 3.- High speed medium grit diamond football bur, for palatal finishng and occlusion adjustment in anteriors.

Fig. 7

Step 4.- Low speed flame diamond bur for finishing, smoothening and shape configuration in anteriors. This bur provides extra control during finishing and is suggested to use with very low speed and without water.

Fig. 8

Step 5.- Ultra-Fine Multi-blade carbide bur for fine finishing.

Fig. 9

Step 6.- Correction bur (0,5mm calibrated)

Fig. 10

Finishing Style set consists of 6 burs and two plastic cards, one for the clinician and the other for the assistant and re-ordering.