Fiber post removal: Tips & Tricks & Rules

30 Apr 2016 - 56881

In non-surgical retreatment a post cemented into the root canal obviously represents an obstacle to regaining the access to the endodontic space and apex that has to be removed. Many researches have been done and numerous papers published concerning the choice of the best technique for fiber post removal, but here is suggested a clinical approach for a safe and predictable retreatment.
Currently available fiber-based posts are essentially composite materials: they consist of prestretched fibers of carbon or silica bounded by a matrix of polymer resin (image 1). Hence their removal might seem easier than that of metal posts, but we must consider that resin posts should always be consumed and can not be removed in one piece. This is the most challenging aspect of this procedure, as know we can handle this safely only if we are able to see what we’re doing! This is the reason why fiber posts removal should be done under a microscopical view, because consuming post without removing dentin is almost always impossible and at a high risk of iatrogenic perforation.

Fig. 1