Essential Lines At Home

There is only one way to improve your direct posterior restorations. You have to find three things:

    1. First you have to find your way, the one that works in your hand.
    2. Then, you have to find the material that can give shape to yours ideas,
    3. Last but not least you have to find the proper instrument to connect your mind and your hand to the tooth.

We will share with you our secrets and solutions in our way. We will talk about what happens every day in our practice, how to manage direct restorations quickly without sacrificing quality. How to do it?
On the one hand we will see Essential Lines, a technique that allows the occlusal board to be modeled by managing the composite with a single mass, on the other we will illustrate to you the optimal indications and fields of use for new materials.
The key word will be SIMPLIFICATION. All in full philosophy of StyleItaliano.
Achieving quality with the fewest number of steps will be the goal!

essential lines 3M giuseppe chiodera style italiano
essential lines 3M giuseppe chiodera style italiano

Direct Posterior restoration without and with essential lines


styleitaliano style italiano smile proximal composite restoration technique cavity design polishing proximal walls

Proximal composite restoration from cavity design to polishing

How to create stunning direct posterior composites, from cavity design to polishing, with exceptional proximal composite restoration technique.
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Bulk flow for Snowplow