Stefano Giorgini

Shadeguides - Community - Direct anteriors
24 Mar 2013

Stefano Giorgini

Private practice, Florence, Italy


The patient presented to my attention with an old reconstruction of class IV fractured. I decided to replace it with a new one.

Fig. 1

Pre-op situation.

Fig. 2

The color was taken with my custom shade guide.

Fig. 3

Isolation with rubber dam.

Fig. 4

The palatal wall was made with a silicon index.

Fig. 5

Palatal wall after polymerization.

Fig. 6

Proximal wall was made with a transparent sectional matrix.

Fig. 7

Proximal wall after polymerization.

Fig. 8

Single increment of dentin with the three mamelons in evidence.

Fig. 9

Application of a layer of high translucency mass to create the incisal opalescence. Has also been made a small white characterization above the incisal edge.

Fig. 10

Single enamel layer.

Fig. 11

Restoration after finishing and polishing procedures.

Fig. 12

Restoration after one week.

Fig. 13

Through the use of a black and white filter is possible to appreciate the integration of the shape of the restoration.

Fig. 14

Modificando alcuni parametri della foto è possibile apprezzare l’opalescenza incisale e le caratterizzazioni.