Case of two anterior restorations with full contour Multilayered Zirconia

Sometimes prosthetic solutions that once were the state of the art become unacceptable for patients. This patient, for example, came to replace his old metal- ceramic crowns on his lateral incisors.

provisional resin crowns on lateral incisors

Provisional resin crowns were fabricated and used as a prototype

digital model and abutment scanning

An impression of the preparations was taken, and the model was scanned. In the picture you can see the buccal and palatal views of preparation on the master model.

digital CAD project for zirconia crowns

CAD design project from palatal and buccal views after occlusion and virtual check

CAD thickness check

Also the CAD design thickness was checked, in order to comply with material prescriptions and soft tissue health, while keeping preparations as conservative as possible.

CAD modeling for natural appearance

It is very important to replicate a natural morphology, in order to create a correct design also respecting soft tissues.

rubber contouring of zirconia crowns

After sintering and checking the zirconia crowns on the model, it is possible prepare the surface with a fine grain rubber to reduce the margin line off-set and finish surface texture.

sandblasting of zirconia before staining

Sandblasting was carried out with aluminum oxide 50 micron particles, at 1.5 atm.

staining of zirconia crowns for a natural effect

The staining technique allows us to increase the chroma and the value effect of the enamel.

finished zirconia crowns

In the picture, you can see the final result after baking.

polishing palatal surface for perfect gloss of the crown

After a couple of staining steps you can improve texture and gloss with a diamond paste or an extra-fine diamond rubber. Polishing perfectly is also important to obtain a non-abrasive surface.

palatal view of prosthetic zirconia crowns

Here you can see the final result after palatal mechanical polishing.

zirconia crowns on lateral incisors after luting

And the amazing result after cementation.

polarized picture for color check of zirconia

The polarized filter is very useful for an accurate, final color check.


The new generation zirconia materials allow us to accomplish highly aesthetic results in the anterior area by applying a single-layer conservative approach.


The clinical part of this case was performed by Walter Devoto.


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