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Styleitaliano TMFounded in 2008 by Prof. Angelo Putignano and Dr. Walter Devoto, Style Italiano quickly developed into what it is today: A rapidly growing community of skilled dental practitioners who contribute their ideas to bring more simplicity and predictability into everyday dental procedures.

We would like to invite you to meet our founders and members, dig into our wealth of articles illustrating feasible, teachable and repeatable techniques and share your own knowledge! Those who would like to improve their practical skills will also be given the opportunity to register for one of our popular seminars.

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Filippo Cardinali

Graduate in Dentistry and Dental Prostheses at the University of Ancona in 1992.
Active Member of the Italian Society of Endodontics.
Certified Member of the European Society of Endodontology.
Associate Member American Association of Endodontists.
Member of Style Italiano Endodontics.
Co-author of the book ” Testo atlante di anatomia endodontica ” published by Tecniche Nuove in 2011. Co-author of the book ” Isolamento del campo operatorio: come razionalizzare la clinica e migliorare la propria vita professionale” published by ANDI Servizi in 2013. Co-author of the book “Manuale di Endodonzia” published by Elsevier Masson Italy in 2013. Lecturer in theoretical and practical courses on subjects related to the isolation of the operative field and endodontics, has participated as a speaker at courses and conferences in Italy and abroad. Private practice , concentrating mainly endodontics and restorative and is the author of publications on journals of national and international sector.

Posts by Filippo Cardinali:

Endodontics - Cases - Home

Radix Entomolaris – Case series and clinical considerations

Filippo Cardinali - 26 May 2017

Many of the difficulties found in root canal treatment are due to variations in root canal morphology (1). Root canal morphology is limitless in its variability and clinicians must be aware that anatomic variations constitute a formidable challenge to endodontic success (2). First reported by Carabelli in 1884 (4), this extra root, that is generally shorter than the disto-buccal root and is usually curved, was named by Bolk “radix entomolaris” (5). The relevant literature revealed an incidence of <5% in Caucasian, African, Eurasian and Indian populations, whereas in those with Mongoloid traits, such as Chinese, Eskimo and Native American populations, the

Endodontics - Cases - Home - Endodontics - Home - Cases - Tips and tricks - Home - Direct anteriors

Fill and drill Technique: case report

Filippo Cardinali - 22 Jan 2016

Operative field isolation is a very important step in endodontic and restorative treatments. Hard-to-isolate teeth are no excuse for not

Endodontics - Cases - Home - Endodontics - Home - Cases - Tips and tricks - Home - Direct anteriors - Endodontics - Home - Indirect anteriors

Prepared Teeth Isolation: how, when and why

Filippo Cardinali - 12 Nov 2015

Operative field isolation is a very important step in endodontic and restorative treatments. Therefore, even in prepared teeth the practitioner

Events by Filippo Cardinali: