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Styleitaliano TMFounded in 2008 by Prof. Angelo Putignano and Dr. Walter Devoto, Style Italiano quickly developed into what it is today: A rapidly growing community of skilled dental practitioners who contribute their ideas to bring more simplicity and predictability into everyday dental procedures.

We would like to invite you to meet our founders and members, dig into our wealth of articles illustrating feasible, teachable and repeatable techniques and share your own knowledge! Those who would like to improve their practical skills will also be given the opportunity to register for one of our popular seminars.

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Dimitar Filtchev

Assoc.Prof.Dr. Dimitar Filtchev, Bulgaria

Dr. Dimitar Filtchev obtained his degree in Dental Medicine from the Faculty of Dental Medicine in Sofia, in 1998. In 2000 he was appointed Assistant Professor at the Department of Prosthetic Dentistry at the same Faculty and from 2008 is a Senior physician at the same department. In 2003 he acquired a postgraduate specialization in Prosthetic Dentistry. In 2012 he completed his doctoral thesis on the following topic: “Arrangement of artificial teeth for implant-supported and non-implant supported overdentures”.

Co-founder of the Laser Dental Center and the Implant Center at the Medical University in Sofia.

Specialization in Prosthodontics, Faculty of Dentistry – Munster, Germany .

Visited a number of practical and theoretical courses in Implantology, Orthodontics and Esthetic Dentistry by leading dental professionals like Prof. Nitzan Bichacho, Dr. Mauro Fradeani, Prof. Angelo Putignano, Dr. Henry Salama, Dr. Maurice Salama, Prof. Michelle Jabbour, Prof. Andre Saadoun and many others.

Since 1998 he has been running a successful private practice in Sofia, focused on Implantology and Esthetic Dentistry.

Dr. Filtchev has more then 50 publications in scientific journals, many scientific presentations at international dental congresses, numerous participations as an invited speaker at national and international congresses.

Posts by Dimitar Filtchev:

Cases - Implantology - Home

Esthetic Rehabilitation with Immediate Implant Loading

Dimitar Filtchev - 8 Jun 2017

Immediate implant placement in extraction wounds has been performed for more than 20 years. According to a number of authors the success rate is comparable to that of delayed implant placement. The reduced treatment time has huge benefits both for the dentist and for the patient, and the predictability of this method is comparable to the protocols for delayed and early implantation. 

On the other hand, immediate implant loading also has many advantages for the patient like immediate function, good aesthetics and improved self-esteem. Many studies support the excellent outcomes that immediate loading can provide. Massimo Del Fabbro et al. conducted a

Cases - Implantology - Home - Home - Indirect anteriors

Aesthetic Rehabilitation According to the Visagism Concept

Dimitar Filtchev - 16 Jan 2017

Nowadays the people’s demand and level of information has driven the clinicians to a certain questioning about customization, especially about planning, according

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