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Styleitaliano TMFounded in 2008 by Prof. Angelo Putignano and Dr. Walter Devoto, Style Italiano quickly developed into what it is today: A rapidly growing community of skilled dental practitioners who contribute their ideas to bring more simplicity and predictability into everyday dental procedures.

We would like to invite you to meet our founders and members, dig into our wealth of articles illustrating feasible, teachable and repeatable techniques and share your own knowledge! Those who would like to improve their practical skills will also be given the opportunity to register for one of our popular seminars.

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Daniele Rondoni

Born in Savona in 1961 where he lives and has worked in his own laboratory since 1982 with his collaborators.
Graduated from the dental technicians school IPSIA “P.Gaslini” in Genoa in 1979. He continued his education by attending relevant workshops for the “Italian dental school “and -furthered his professional experience in Switzerland, Germany and Japan.
-Particularly interested in the morphology and dental aesthetics, he has collaborated in the development of aesthetic dental restoration materials.
and is author of “Techniques of Ceramic multistratification” (ed.UTET).
He has created a manual for laboratory work on the use of composite materials by determining work protocols for the indirect technique and also for the technique of pressing composite structures on metal know as the “inverse stratification system” which he designed .
He is the author of numerous articles on aesthetic restoration published in Italy and abroad.
-Some of his cases are published in the text “The conservative restoration of anterior teeth.”(ed.ACME) Vanini Mangani Klimovscaja.
other clinical cases are presented by dr. W.Devoto in the publication ”Restorative Dentistry” Treatment procedures and future prospects (ed.E. Masson)
– Active member EAED
-Member and speaker SICED
Teacher-trainer in practical dental aesthetics at the graduate school of Brescia SICED

Posts by Daniele Rondoni:

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Indirect pressed restorations

Daniele Rondoni - 19 Dec 2012

Composite restorations are gaining more and more field in Dental aesthetics, especially when the composite is indirect (treated in the laboratory) their physical properties increase and the contraction is practically zero, because of the thin cement layer with which are cemented.

An Article by… Daniele Rondoni, Savona, Italy

Not everyone is highly skilled to model composite or ceramics, the technique we propose in this article is meant to fulfill the desire of advanced morphology with no need of complicated modeling techniques or years of developing skills.

Starting from scratch, is mandatory to program the case in wax, even as a protocol of

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Finishing temporary restorations

Daniele Rondoni - 11 Apr 2012

How to finish and polish high-end temporary restorations. A video by Daniele Rondoni.

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Morphology in Aesthetic Restorations

Daniele Rondoni - 11 Dec 2011

Morphology in Aesthetic Restorations

An Article by…

Daniele Rondoni,


Success in aesthetic restorations resides on the combination of many factors, but over all

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