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Monaldo Saracinelli

Student of prof. Fabio Toffenetti and Riccardo Garberoglio. Student trainer in Conservative Dentistry at “Istituto Policattedra di Discipline Odontostomatologiche Università degli Studi Di Siena” (1986/87). Teacher of “Biomeccanica masticatoria e Protesi applicata” in secondary school for dental technicians (1987/88). Teacher of “Odontostomatologia” in nursing qualification (Università degli Studi di Siena facoltà di Medicina e Chirurgia 1998/99 1999/2000 e 2000/2001). Active member of the Accademia italiana di Conservativa (AIC) since 2005. Active member of the Italian Academy of Aesthetic Dentistry (IAED) since 2011. Lecturer in courses on direct and indirect aesthetic composite restorations in anterior and posterior teeth in Italy and abroad.” In the modern dental office all members of staff work at making the patient feel comfortable and establishing a friendly and relaxing environment. We believe that it is possible to achieve high standards of professionalism while continuing to emphasise the importance of human relationships. Every treatment plan is strictly customized and is the result of specific diagnostic examinations and an initial consultation where the patients’ requests and expectations are evaluated.. Our aim is to provide our patients with the least invasive treatment plan, which can be achieved thanks to a profound knowledge of materials, and adhesive procedures, which are becoming more predictable daily. The best reward and the main goal for our staff is our patients’ smile and oral health.

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