Choose a matrix (part 3)

Recently, with the Styleitaliano consultation, a very well-known company has introduced to the market an specifically designed sectional matrix system for anterior restorations with a constant convexity but with a variable height, which gives the clinician the enormous advantage to cover all needs with a single anterior matrix.


The clinician will be able to determine the exact point where the matrix should be cut. The curvature of the matrix is present in the whole matrix length, except in the narrow tip for a better insertion.


The clinician can slide the matrix in a vestibular-palatal direction in order to choose the right height of the matrix. In this picture, still too short.


In this picture, sliding a little bit more the matrix the right height is reached, making the situation now ideal.


The matrix shall be cut allowing more or less 5 mm to be able to work with it and bend it.


Its contrasting blue color allows in this way to control effectively the matrix sealing over the cervical margin and the correct distribution of the material applied.


This kind of matrices allow the operator to have any length of matrix with a really convenient curvature almost in every case.


The other solutions showed in Part 1 and Part 2 are also valid and we must have them in consideration, because some clinical situations require more or less curvature, or more or less stiffness of the matrix.