Advances in Dental Diagnostics and Digital Dentistry

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3 Apr 2017


Carestream Dental is a division of Carestream Health, born in 2007 with the acquisition of the Kodak medical division by Onex Corp.



Carestream is a leader company on the market in 4 different fields:

– Imaging diagnostics & IT for hospitals and diagnostic centres

– Dental diagnostics & management softwares for dental professionals

– Non-destructive control

– Advanced materials and industrial application coatings

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GLOBAL KNOWLEDGE Carestream has a more than 100 years experience. They have inherited a long tradition in innovation which is their inspiration in introducing new diagnostic solutions every year: from the pioneering spirit of 1896 with the first dental Rx on an Eastman Kodak film to the launch of CS Solutions in 2013 that has given a new dimension to the use of CAD/CAM in the dental fields.

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INNOVATION They ensure a constant innovation thanks to 11 research centres and 9 production sites spread in different continents. This strong innovating spirit allows to daily support the pillars of their brand. – Excellence in diagnostics – Human-sized technology – Linear workflow In Italy, the Carestream Health headquarters in Genova hosts one of the top 3 Centres for technological innovation in the world. THE PRODUCTS – CAD/CAM solutions for dental prostheses: intraoral scanners, design and planning softwares, milling machines. – Extraoral Rx devices: OPT, CB-CT Systems with focused visual fields, medium and large – Intraoral Rx devices: cameras, RVG radiovisiography, Phosphor-plate systems – Dental radiography films

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MANAGING SOFTWARES Every year more than 800 Milion Rx images are acquired through Carestream Dental products, which are used by 7/10 dental professionals in the world, contributing to provide more precise diagnoses, better workflow, and innovative patient service around the world.