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With OptiShade you can have a file management for your cases, predict and control the quality of your restorations with perfect recipes.

OptiShade is an excellent tool for controlling color stability.

With OptiShade color readings can be shared easily through iPhone, iPod touch and iPad optimising the restorative and prosthetic workflow to have perfect matches. OptiShade uses an external device connected to iPhone, iPad or iPod touch measuring precisely the color of aesthetics ceramics and composites for restorative work.

Even when the device is not connected, the OptiShade App has several functions:

  • receive and send OptiShade files,
  • open, analyze, read color coordinates,
  • archive the images,
  • compare images with the database information,
  • share and do side-by-side comparisons.

Try OptiShade Demo comparing a tooth before and after bleaching*

*Remember that to try the demo you should have downloaded the app first.

OptiShade is able to compare and calculate the closest shade match of the color readings to a comprehensive database of commercial shade guides to help you create an accurate restoration. These databases grow constantly.

For customer service, please, write at jordi@styleitaliano.org

OptiShade needs an external device to precisely measure colors.
The device is available at all Smile Line retailers, at Smile Line Online Shop and G7 Online Shop (only for Italy). It is possible to create new color measurements only with a connected device.

Download the OptiShade StyleItaliano Color Database

More libraries coming soon

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