Monthly Archives: November, 2020

Smile makeover, a simple and fast way

Composites are nowadays highly aesthetic and easy to use. We just need to have a good project and, in less than 2 hours, we can give our patient a brand new smile.

Stabilizing complex cases with single shade composites

One of the main indications for using a single shade strategy, is when shape primes over any other factor. Single shade strategy allows the clinician to focus on shape and on specific details of build-up that enhance the quality of the material. Furthermore composite restorations are extremely easy to correct.

Protemp bicuspid

When you have to treat a tooth with multiple problems doesn’t mean that you have to lose time. With new materials, it's possible in 3 single appointments to finalize the case in a good way without stress and with total patient satisfaction that at the end of the story is the goal in our profession.

Perfecting smiles with tooth whitening

The key to success with indirect restorations often resided in a minimally invasive approach. In this case, an old single crown and small diastema, to get a more harmonious smile a combined approach with bleaching was chosen.

Simplify posterior restorations

This article shows a simple approach to obtain esthetic and reliable results in posterior teeth by using the Solo posterior by LM dental designed by Styleitaliano.

Simultaneous white and pink approach

The aim of this article is to present contemporary approach where the pink part is performed simultaneously with the prosthetic procedure in order to improve the final outcome and use the final prosthetic design as a healing references for the connective tissue graft.