Monthly Archives: September, 2020

Patients with a high aesthetic demand. A case report.

It’s very important that patients understand exactly what the treatment they need is. That's why we use digital wax-up an mock-up for dentist-patient communication.

Posterior restorations of primary teeth

Special care should be taken when restoring primary teeth. Discover how to obtain esthetic and reliable results in posterior child tooth using composite direct restoration

Simple solutions by direct veneering

The direct veneering technique allows us to sculpt and create beautiful and natural looking smiles in one visit, while being minimally invasive; this technique is also a financially attractive procedure for the patient.

Psychological enhancement, the power of a smile makeover

Laminate veneers are today a common restorative procedure thanks to their highly aesthetic outcome and longterm predictability. This clinical case is focused on minimal preparation veneers restored with monolithic with incisal cutback.