Monthly Archives: March, 2020

I bleach teeth with white composite restorations

Bleaching and composite veneers to change a smile in one single visit. Predictable and affordable aesthetic results in reduced times and costs.

Simple solutions For difficult situations

Small class IV restorations are always a challenge. New materials and opaquers allow us to make these restorations in a easy way with less effort.

Creating natural shapes with contemporary tools. The Unica matrix.

A simplified protocol can help create natural looking restorations, together with modern materials and instruments that make our life easier during the process.

Diastema managing: closing gaps with direct restorations

Thanks to modern technologies and materials, direct composite restorations can be the perfect solution for diastema closure, especially when we want to reach high level of aesthetic, keeping a natural not fake appearance without preparing teeth and with a low economical cost.

Big Diastemas Composite Restorations

Composite materials are a great option for diastema closure when the space is big and orthodontic treatment is not a choice for patients desire.

Full CompoSite smile makeover. How direct veneers can change a smile

Direct composite veneers can be a suitable solution for patients who want a whiter and more appealing smile, especially for those who want it quickly. The direct veneering technique allows us to sculpt and create beautiful and natural looking smiles in one visit, while being minimally invasive; this technique is also a financially attractive procedure for the patient.