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Bulk and Go

The restoration of posterior teeth is a diary clinical treatment that presents, in most of cases, a difficult challenge for clinicians. The bulk-fill composites have recently revolutionized restorative dentistry, being supported by the scientific literature and highly accepted by clinicians. Bulk-fill composites make possible to realize a successful restoration in terms of aesthetic and function in a relatively short time, since it is performed placing one single layer of material up to the occlusal surface, without using the traditional layering technique.

Easy, quick and detailed impression. The key for a natural fit

A detailed impression is the key of natural fit and margin adaptation of ceramic veneers. Read dr. Monteiro clinical case and see how work properly through all these steps: wax-up, silicon index, preparation and mock-up.

When the time to replace cosmetic restorations comes, CompoSite veneers

The treatment process with the new composite system Si, was simple and straightforward and the simplistic shade system avoids restorative complication, as there is only a single enamel shade. The patient was delighted by the restorations completed and enhancement to her smile.

From Gourmet to Fast Food Restorations. Indications for different levels of complexity.

You can choose either Gourmet or Street food restorations for anteriors, you just need to understand when. This article is all about indications for different levels of complexity of anterior teeth restoration.

Esthetic direct veneering in vital and endodontically treated anterior teeth

In this case it's shown how a direct composite veneering approach could lead to a successful esthetic outcome if correct materials and techniques are used, in order to make up for the differences between vital and non-vital teeth.