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Management of fluorosis lesions with differing treatment modalities

Complex aesthetic cases often need more than one treatment modality, if they are to be treated in a conservative manner to preserve healthy tooth...

Aesthetics & Function – A No Prep Direct Composite Case

Modern restorative dentistry is based on the principles of adhesion and minimal invasiveness. Today’s composite materials represent a viable long-term solution, not just as...

Dental trauma and orthodontic treatment a particular case of luxation

Dental trauma is one of the most relevant kinds of emergency in pediatric dentistry and it involves about 25% of young patients. Thankfully, it is often the orthodontist who first examines a trauma. Among the different types of dental injuries, dental luxation is one of the most complex, due to the consequences it may have in the long run. Luxation of a tooth is a displacement, in a non-axial direction, combined with a damage of periodontal ligament and contusion or fracture of the alveolar bone. Moreover, it's frequently associated with pulp damage.

Making restoration shade seamless

Direct composite restorations can be a great solution to restore aesthetics and function in the anterior area if we know how to handle the...