FI Samoes

Community Case: Pedro Samoes

  Pedro Samões Private Practice at Leiria, Portugal Contact:   Shade Selection - My Way : 3 photos and My Shade Guide …!   The color, concept that englobes aspects of art as much as science,
FI Russian

Charity Dentistry

During the last four years, we gathered a group of dentists and enjoyed a journey from one exotic country to the other. Behind our shoulders, a lot of kilometers of roads, but the thirst for adventure continued to beckon us to the east. Crisis was n
reattachment cover

Partial reatachment

Having a fractured tooth,what can we do when our fragment is not viable or incomplete? Taking advantage of tooth fragments can save time and work. A traumatized tooth needs immediate dentinal sealing and what better than the original tooth to restore
Fi Pavolucci

Giulio Pavolucci: Innovative composites in anterior restorations

  Modern materials and techniques can help dentists in performing non-invasive adhesive composite restorations. These can be non-expensive and non-aggressive solutions for every day dentistry, especially in anterior teeth trauma cases, direct

Custom Shield Part 2

When treating class II cavities very often the buccal, palatal or lingual cusp thickness is too thin. Generally when the thickness is less than 2-2.5mm reducing cusp's height is a recommended procedure. After that a direct or an indirect restoratio
the future of dental phtography cover

The future of Dental Photography, an Interview with Louis Hardan

Is hard to believe that these images were made with a cell phone, some years back, we wouldn't have imagined the reach of this technology. Now is here, and in terms of evolution and technological advance this is only the beginning, which is already
cover bari 2015

Bari 2015

All Italian members from Style Italiano will be lecturing on March 14th 2015 in Bari in "The Restorative Dentistry Congress" at the Nicolaus Hotel. The congress fee is voluntary (minimum 80€) all the economical benefit will be given in Charity to a
FI by marchetti

Community Case: Alessandro Conti

In restorative dentistry we often have to restore a tooth for an elderly patient. In such patient we find abrasions and chromatic changes due to age and wear. With function, enamel is worn out and abraded, causing modifications of the incisal edge. I
new smile capture

The NEW Smile Capture

In very few time, smartphone cameras had suffer an exponential improvement, and this need for a flawless camera in the palm of the hand has grown so much up to the point that the amount of digital images produced by mobile phones in the world have su
DDA cover

Digital Dental Academy 2015

The city of Parma will hold the second edition of the congress of the Digital Dental Academy. Styleitaliano has the pleasure to announce its presence represented by Dr. Louis Hardan that will talk about the Mobile Dental Photography with images that
cover custom shield

Custom Shield Part 1

  When treating second-class cavities with the absence of the mesial or distal neighbor tooth, it is rather difficult to create a correct marginal seal because we cannot place a wedge. In fact, without a wedge it is very difficult and sometim
rubberdam perforations

Rubber Dam Perforations

Rubberdam perforations templates are numerous and different between diverse manufacturers. Many rubber dam brands, at least those considered more suitable for aesthetic dentistry have two kind of surfaces, the front (which has an opaque and even t
Inserzione Water mark

Community case: Ayad Mouyad Al-Obaidi

Restoring the incisal area, a community case by Ayad Mouyad Al-Obaidi One of the biggest challenges in esthetic dentistry is to reproduce well balanced color harmony as the Natural tooth. Incisal edge is optically complex area, the incisal area

Community Case: Liu Yao

    Dr Lyu Yao Dental Department of Yixing People’s hospital, Jiangsu Email:    Restoration of Anterior fractured tooth Name: Sun Xuchao Gender: Male Age: 17 yr Race: Chinese Occupation:

Community Case: Liu Yao

    Dr Lyu Yao Dental Department of Yixing People’s hospital, Jiangsu Email:   Restoration of Anterior fractured tooth   Gender: Male Age: 13 yr Race: Chinese Occupation: Student  
FI Youssef Dahbi

Community Case: Youssef Dahbi Skali

    Youssef Dahbi Skali D.D.S. Private Practice, Agadir,Morocco Contact:   High Value Class III                
portada caso kilian

Kilian Molina: Modified Megabrasion

Enamel hypoplasia is a development defect produced by a disturbance in the formation of the organic enamel matrix. These kinds of lesions are clinically visible and aesthetically displeasing. There are some techniques that can be used to remove the d
BRB matrix cover

Community Article: Bertholdo-Ricci-Barrotte

Despite many material choices available today, conservative cosmetic adhesive dentistry can achieve exceptional, long term success and also provides a means to prevent tooth loss in the future. A lifelike restorations are a “target” of clinicians

Community Case: Bojidar Kafelov

Restoring Class I cavities is often considered an easy job, though it can be challenging sometimes to reproduce nature and to build a natural looking occlusal anatomy. The natural look, shape and form of the tooth are needed for both aesthetical and
FI Zarow

Maciej Zarow : Non-vital tooth bleaching

        Non-Vital tooth bleaching   In this article the protocol of non-vital bleaching of extensively discolored anterior teeth was described with practical tips for practitioners. The more detailed protocols
Inserzione Water mark 1

Community Case: Muresan Sergiu

Stratification of composite material on Class IV restorations A community case by Muresan Sergiu The higher aesthetic demands as well as the approach of a minimally invasive therapeutic attitude increases the difficulty level of the treatment of an
FI dimitrios

Community Case: Dimitrios Spagopoulos

  Dimitrios Spagopoulos Postgraduate Student, Restorative Dentistry, University of Athens Contact:   Minimal invasive smile enhancement This case ilustrates a direct approach for smile enhancement with unt
Senza titolo-1

Community Case: Giuseppe Chiodera

  Giuseppe Chiodera Private practice, Brescia, Italy   Flowable Wings   Several clinal procedures need rubber dam placements. It is not easy; especially in the situation where the Root canal treatment has been done on a t
FI field

Community Case: Richard Field

  Richard Field Private Practice, England Advance Dental Clinic Contact Minimally Invasive white spot removal     Fig 1: Pre-operative smile.   Fig 2: Pre-operative intra
cover scolavino

Simplified approach in direct posteriors

  Styleitaliano philosophy is founded on three points: 1- Feasible 2- Teachable 3- Repeatable. In agreement with these rules, we work out on techniques and ideas to improve and simplify the daily dental work. The Bulk & Body technique,
portada blog 3

Clinic meets research Vol.3

Cementation is a crucial step in the process of ensuring the retention, marginal seal and durability of indirect restorations. Cementing procedures are either adhesive or non-adhesive. Adhesive cementation involves the use of an agent to promote bond
FI camaortho

Gregory Camaleonte : No ortho just compo

  Gregory Camaleonte     No Ortho just Compo                          
FI Pedro

Community Case : Pedro Samoes

  Pedro Samões Private Practice at Leiria - Portugal Contact: Imitating Nature - Incisal Effects   Many times, in our daily practice, simple situations to solve at first glance, overcome very much com

Direct composite in posterior teeth

This article is under review.
cbt III cover 2

Controlled Body thickness Part 3

The use of personalized shade guides gives the clinician the chance to develop an enormous number of arrangements between enamel and dentin, so that a wider colour selection is available. When using the Controlled Body thickness technique in the d
FI Castello

Community Case: Pablo Castelo Baz

  Pablo Castelo Baz, PhD, DDS. Professor of the master of advanced endodontics and conservative dentistry of the University of Santiago de Compostela.   CAD-CAM endocrown for an endodontically treated tooth   The aim

Mobile dental photography. Part I

Louis Hardan and Jordi Manauta   Macro photography is the art of close-up, more often, it is used on very small subjects, such as flowers and insects. Photography is powerful in dentistry, its numerous applications such as diagnosis and t
Gurrea FI

Jon Gurrea: Redesigning Smiles

  Jon Gurrea     Redesigning smiles converting canines into laterals     I’ve always thought that converting canines into lateral incisors was a tough endeavor. But sometimes it can be feasible and a
CBT II cover

Controlled Body thickness Part 2

Correct layering of the enamel and dentin is one of the most important goals in aesthetic stratification, this will allow us to easily understand which extra masses besides enamel and dentin are necessary or not. surprisingly, enamel and dentin are m
cover CBT

Controlled Body thickness Part 1

Is it still a dream to solve aesthetic cases with only two composite shades? Find out how gaining control over the masses we place can lead to accomplish the dream. Achieving predictable results in aesthetic class IV restorations with the controll
start taking pictures cover

Start taking pictures

I want to start taking dental pictures. What equipment do I have to get? Is the camera the thing that matters the most? Or is it the eye behind the lens the thing that really matters. We can say that both things are important, but you can start takin
FI SHcherbakov

Community Case: Viktor Shcherbakov

Viktor Shcherbakov Private practice, Moscow, Russia Contact:   Сomposite bleaching   Mini-invasive bleaching by a composite material. Preparation of teeth 1.1, 2.1 and 3.1, 4.1 was more expressed. The patie
FI Rojas

Community Case: Jose Antonio Rojas Carvacho

  Jose Antonio Rojas Carvacho Associate Professor of Operative Dentistry, University of Valparaiso, Chile. Rehabilitation Professor, University of Viña del Mar. Oral Rehabilitation Specialist. Private Practice Contact: doc

Domenico Ricucci: Biological aspects in conservative dentistry

  Biological aspects in Conservative Dentistry As it was anticipated in the previous interview, Dr.Domenico Ricucci starts his co-operation with Style Italiano. The following is the first of a series of monographs on the biological aspects
cover burs

Komet Burs by Styleitaliano

Styleitaliano together with Komet has developed a system of burs that consist of 3 sets, Direct Style, Indirect Style and Finishing Style. The whole project is focused on one main goal, to simplify, and that means, to follow always the same bur proto
FI Cerny

Daniel Cerny : Resin composite sandwich

  Daniel Cerny     Resin composite sandwich   Case presented is not exceptional. It is actually something we do everyday, many times a day. Yet there is always a wish to make it quicker and safer. Let me show you


The innovative design of the Photo-CAD retractors allow for the best results with photography of the 4 quadrants and during digital impressions with Cad-CAM systems. Photo-CAD are foldable and have a soft surface for the patients’ best comfort
FI fiorini

Community Case: Alessandro Fiorini

Dott Alessandro Fiorini Odt Michele Temperani   AESTHETICAL AND FUNCTIONAL CASE IN BRUXISM WITH REDUCTION OF VERTICAL DIMENSION         presentazione del caso e status.
FI Ciaran Gillan

Community Case: Ciaran Gillan

  Ciaran Gillan BDS MJDF MRD Private practice in N.Ireland with a special interest in Tooth Surface Loss (TSL) Contact: Using the "Dahl technique" to treat anterior tooth wear   Conservative mana
FI Mureanu

Community Case: Sergiu Muresan

  Dr. Sergiu Muresan, SC Medalex SRL, Beclean, Romania Contact :   Surface texture : The last but not the least   If we enclosed the surface texture among the aesthetic criteria of dental morphol
flexipalette isntructions

Flexipalettes instructions

Here are the visual instructions on how to bend and use the amazing flexipalettes, how to get clean black backgrounds by inserting the flexipalettes very deep without any discomfort! Watch the full video here.
Style Italiano on facebook


Two years and a half ago, Styleitaliano created its Facebook group in order to keep in touch with all the friends that wanted to follow our work and share theirs. Until now many users tried to join the group but only 43,000 members belonging to denta
FI Fonseca

Community Case: Joao Fonseca

  João Fonseca Dds, Msc Graduated from ISCSEM in Dental Medicine, Portugal (2005) Post Graduate in Advanced Dental Sciences, Danube University Vienna Post Graduate Teacher ISCSEM Private Practice Tomar, Portugal   Customiz
marchetti cover shape and layer

Shape and layer

  An Article by Giuseppe Marchetti     Preoperative: the patient, female 45 years, asks for an esthetic improvement, not expensive not invasive. A direct approach is proposed and accepted. Color was taken with
FI Bielen

Community Case: Vincent Bielen

  Vincent Bielen Graduated Master of Dentistry in 2011, KU Leuven, Belgium. Third year specialization Master-after-Master in Restorative Dentistry, KU Leuven, Belgium. Contact:   Direct posterior c
FI Folke

Community Case: Folke Ullberg Ornell

  Folke Ullberg Ornell Private practice, Tre Tandläkare & Implantatklinik, Vällingby, Sweden Contact:   Conservative approach for cracked molar With todays experiences with bonding, RCT and pos
FI Youngs

Community Case: Tom Youngs

  Tom Youngs Dentist, NHS Foundational Training in Cardiff, UK Contact:   Polychromatic Posterior Composites   The stratification of various composite resin shades can result in an optically
FI Bachmann

Community Case: Marc Bachmann

  Marc Bachmann Private practice  Landquart, Switzerland Contact:   Composite sandwich   Acidic softdrinks caused the severe loss of dental hard tissue in this 29 year old male. A double veneer
cover componeer

Semidirect Prefabricated Veneers Part 1

  An Article by Monaldo Saracinelli   SEMIDIRECT PREFABRICATED VENEERS   In my opinion they must be condiderated as a new generation of anterior composite restoration to simplify freehand technique and to increase
FI Dini

Community Case: Filippo Dini

  Filippo Dini, DDS Private Practice in Viareggio,Italy   SHADE SELECTION USING A CUSTOMIZED CERAMIC SHADE GUIDE   The shade selection and its communication to
cover smile capture

Smile Capture

A revolutionary tool that boosts the iPhone* macro capabilities to transform it into a complete dental photography system. Is not only a cover that allows the Smile Lite to be fitted to your iPhone, but as well a concept of professional dental ph
submit your case

Submit your case

Friends from all over the world are publishing their cases here and getting recognized by all our community. Your cases are valuable for all the 15,000 weekly visitors that come to the and website. Many of
FI Diomataris

Community Case: Michael Diomataris

  Michael Diomataris Postgraduate student of Operative Dentistry University of Athens Contact:   ''Acropolis'' Onlays Patient 28 years old with secondary decay in composites on tooth #46,47.  
FI Shcherbakov

Community Case: Victor Shcherbakov

  Viktor Shcherbakov   Private pratice, Moscow, Russia   Contact:   Two techniques of restoration   Clinical case of restoration of teeth in two different techniques. For restoration
FI Arnone

Community Case: Alessandro Arnone

    Alessandro Arnone Contact:   Veneers on refractory                      
FI Maj

Community Video Case: Aleksander Maj

  Aleksander Maj BDS, Contact: Graduated from the Medical University of Silesia (Poland) in 2000. Particularly interested in low-invasive (adhesive) prosthetics, implantoprothetics and orthodontics, aft
rehydration cover


Color matching in anterior teeth is a big challenge, if we add to the equation, that none of the masses we are going to use during modelling and build-up  can be comparable to the dental tissues present in the isolated field due to the dental dehydr
FI Mancini

Community Case: Manuele Mancini

    Dr. Manuele Mancini, DDS, PhD Contact:   Lithium Disilicate bridge: veneer and inlay   Bridges on prosthetic abutments built with lithium disilicate are well-known and described, bu
portada spreafico

Interview with Roberto Spreafico

  Adhesive dentistry has radically changed in restorative and prosthetic therapies in the last years. An Interview with roberto spreafico,   Now a days, aesthetic materials such as composites and g
FI Cafadaru

Community Case: Mihnea Cafadaru

  Mihnea CAFADARU -General dentistry -Private practice focused on periodontology and prosthodontics. -Manager @ Dental Clinique by Dr. Cafadaru, Arad-Romania Contact:     E-MAX INDIRECT C
FI Angie

Angie Segatto: Single body shade posteriors

  An Article by Angie Segatto   Can we obtain a predictable esthetic outcome using a single body shade with a specific stratification?   When optical properties like hue, translucency, opacity, chromaticity, saturation,

Community Case: Alex Urpi

  Àlex Urpí -Master of Operative & Esthetic Dentistry (UIC) -SCOE Associate professor -Private practice (Barcelona) Contact:   White Spots   Drastic changes of colour on the teeth
bulk body cover

Salvatore Scolavino: Bulk&Body Technique

  Bulk fill materials are a new generation of composites that due to their low polymerization shrinkage coefficient greatly reduce the stress at the adhesive interface complex level. We propose in the following case a stratification strategy
portada blog 2

Clinic meets research Vol.2

Clinic meets Research Vol.2   A blog by Giuseppe Marchetti and Giovanna Orsini     ADHESIVE CEMENTATION IN ANTERIORS: Cementation is a crucial step in the process of ensuring the retention, marginal seal and durabil
Featured Image

Community Case: Jose Antonio Rojas Carvacho

  Jose Antonio Rojas Carvacho Associate Professor of Operative Dentistry, University of Valparaiso, Chile. Oral Rehabilitation Specialist. Private Practice Contact:

Community Case: Murad Akhundov

    Murad Akhundov Private pratice Baku, Azerbaijan Dental Revue Clinic Lector of Dental Academy Baku Contact:   Class II Direct Restoration of the Proximal Wall with Custom Ring Technique
blog 01 cover

Clinic meets Research Vol.1 Adhesion

Clinic meets Research Vol.1 ADHESION IN 2013: Modern dentistry means to glue. Nowadays we use adhesion procedures in all our clinical works. So let’s understand which procedure we have to use and in which case we have to chose one or another.

Community Case: Pedro Samoes

  Pedro Samões Private Practice at Leiria, Portugal Contact:   Imitating Nature step-by-step Anterior Stratification Technique J. Felgueiras, male 37 y.o., only wishes to improve apearence of his upp
FI Diniflash

Community Case: Filippo Dini

EFFECTS OF THE FLASH LIGHT INCIDENCE ON THE PERCEPTION OF TOOTH STRUCTURE   An article by Filippo Dini. Private practice, Viareggio, Italy. The use of an external flash unit in dental photography is a minimum requirement to ach
FI Chiodera

Community Case: Giuseppe Chiodera

  Giuseppe Chiodera Private practice in Brescia, Italy Contact:   Inlay splint on mobile tooth   58 years old patient that presents : The 23 included , the decidous 63 with advanced apical rooth r
FI Matt Costa

Community Case: Matt Costa

  Matt Costa Private practice in Quarryville, Pennsylvania, USA. Contact:   Conservative Interproximal Restorations   Interproximal caries on adjacent teeth often progresses at different rates

Community Case : Stefan Koubi

  Stefan Koubi Associate Professor Aix Marseille university founder of l'institut de la facette Contact:   Dyschromia with style   The aim is this case report is a suggestion of a minimal i

Community Case: Gurvinder Bhirth

      Gurvinder Bhirth Private practice, Kidderminster and Birmingham, UK Contact:   Class IV Restoration   Initial situation.   Contrasted view.  

Interview with Domenico Ricucci

At the recent Pisa Master Course, a journey with Style Italiano, held in Lido di Camaiore last July 19-20, we had an unexpected visit. Domenico Ricucci, internationally known as an expert in the field of endodontic biology, was hidden among the parti

Community Case: S.Loghin-D.Ricucci

  Simona Loghin, DDS; Domenico Ricucci, MD, DDS. Private Practice, Cetraro, Italy   Treatment of mandibular first and second molars with indirect composite restorations. A case with a defective composite restoration and interprox
FI Maciel

Community Case : Maciel Junior

  Maciel Junior, private practice Contact:   Applying the recently described custom ring technique to restore a proximal cavity The difficulty encountered when rightly restoring proximal cavities can be ci

Community Case: Georgios Dimitrakopoulos

  Georgios Dimitrakopoulos Private Practice DDS, Dental Clinic Chalkida , Greece Contact:   Direct Restoration minimal invasion dentine sculpturing of 4.6   Patient 20 years old with an
custom rings updated

Jordi Manauta: Custom Rings Updated

The "Custom Rings" had an amazing acceptance in the dental community, the author and the members of styleitaliano have sent more than 60 copies of their original articles in HD to the different universities and opinion leaders that requested them to

Community Case : Sergi Pedemonte Sarrias

  Dr. Sergi Pedemonte Sarrias DDS, PhD, Associate professor at University of Barcelona Private practice in Barcelona Contact:   COMPREHENSIVE OLD RESTORATIONS REPLECEMENT   Replacing old s

Gaetano Paolone: Class II direct restoration. Microscope.

A video article by Gaetano Paolone private practice, Rome. Italy Publication October 14th 2013   This video article is about a Class II restoration on a #2.5. The cavity has been prepared with multiblade, diamond, ceramic burs a

Giuseppe Marchetti: Indirect Posterior Recipes

Indirect restorations are a system to achieve goals that often with direct ones are much more difficult to reach. In literature is quite universally recognized that we can do indirect posterior restorations when we have the presence of large and nume

Community case: Pablo Santoro

Absolute isolation is without a doubt a basic and advised operation for bonding procedures especially in indirect adhesive restorations, especially when it comes to multiple restorations. This way is possible to guarantee the best conditions of adhes

Community Video: A.F. Cascales - J.B. Ferrandis

  Dr. Álvaro Ferrando Cascales: dentist offers only dentistry restorative.Private practice in Clinicas Ferrando S.l. Murcia-Spain.   Dr. Juán Ballester Ferrandis: chief and dental technician in PKT dental laboratory. Castelló
diamond twist cover

Diamond Twist SCL, a high-end polishing paste

Originally designed for the laboratory, Diamond Twist SCL by Premier is a supercharged and super fine diamond paste for intraoral and extraoral use, being currently under laboratory research because of its amazing clinical results, it has proven so f

Community Case: Marie Clement

    Marie Clement Private practice LYON, France Associate Professor, Department of Prothesis, University of LYON, France   INTRODUCTION An esthetic smile can be extremely important in social relationships between
bannerino copia

Gaetano Paolone: Microscope in everyday onlays

A video article by Gaetano Paolone private practice, Rome. Italy Publication September 29th 2013   This video is Full HD, please remember to select video quality in order to watch it at the highest resolution. Did you
Alvaro Cover

Community Case : Alvaro Ferrando Cascales and team.

  A multi disciplinary treatment of a central incisor by Alvaro Ferrando, Raul Ferrando, Osmundo Gilbel and Juan Ballester.   Aesthetic Rehabilitation of A Central Incisor with a Fracture at the Bone Level Dr. Álvaro Ferrando Casca
cover ssimplified

Giuseppe Marchetti: Anterior Direct Simplified Technique

Working with composite in the anteriors is always challenging, the simplified approach concentrates all efforts in providing the right space for the enamel and dentin, otherwise the characterizations that will be inserted in the middle layer (between
scolavino cover

Community Case : Salvatore Scolavino

    Salvatore Scolavino Private Pratice in Naples, Italy Contact:  A new technique of stratification using a sandwich of bulk fill and nanotechnology composite   New generation of materials
Dan lazar

Community Case: Dan Lazar

  Dan Lazar Private practice at Dental Art, Oradea, Romania Contact:   Minimal invasive approach   Many times inter proximal decays are very difficult to diagnose. In the anterior zone when
FI andres

Community Case: Andrés Roman

    Andrés Román Associated professor of Operative Dentistry of the Argentina Catholic University Contacts :     Application of the custo

Community Case: Rodolphe Zunzarren

  Rodolphe ZUNZARREN Private practice BORDEAUX, France Former associate Professor, University of Bordeaux Contact:   Internal bleaching with Sodium Perborate step by step   A 25 years old pat
cover cadcam

Is CAD-CAM future or present?

Partial bonded restorations are proving more and more to be one of the best solutions available for endo treated and weakened posterior teeth, adhesive cuspal coverage is not only a valid alternative for a crown, but in many cases means the salvation
Belograd FI

Community Case: Maxim Belograd

        There are a lot of approaches in operative dentistry how to achieve good aesthetics and functional results. One of the most popular and modern nowadays is DSD driven concept (Digital Smile Design, produced
Natalie FI

Community Case: Natalie Pereira

Direct composite restorations after uncomplicated crown fractures. Natalie Pereira DDS - Aggregate Professor, University of Carabobo – Valencia, Venezuela. Contact: Contemporary composites systems offer a multit
cover devoto

Walter Devoto: Micro invasive veneers

Veneers arrived to our daily practice many decades ago, and now-a-days they are part of dentistry, a treatment we cannot put aside and that is considered among the first choices in conservative dentistry. Many times we have seen these kind of restora
Serhat FI

Community Case: Serhat Koken

    Serhat Koken Private practice, Istanbul, Turkey Contact:   Glassfiber reinforced core & direct composite.   Huge loss of lower first molar restored by means of glassfiber reinfor
Featured image Styleitaliano

Community Case : Giuseppe Chiodera

Direct multiple composite restorations.   A case of Giuseppe Chiodera. This patient is 34 years old, in the Q2 we planned a restoration on 2.8. and becouse of secondary caries the replacement of amalgams on 2.6 and 2.7. the restoration on 2.
monteiro cover

Paulo Monteiro: Aesthetic reconstructions

A step by step, from the planning to the execution, passing thru the mock-up stage. How to improve shape, color and aspect of the anterior teeth in a minimally invasive way. A video article by Paulo Monteiro Did you enjoy the article? g

Jordi Manauta: Incisal Halo

Incisal edges are optically complex areas with strategic light dynamics; in this area, prisms converge in a particular way, creating extraordinary optical effects. An Article by Jordi Manauta August 7th 2013   A halo is an
belograd 2

Community Video: Maxim belograd (2)

Composite Resin finishing and polishing, a precise protocol to achieve outstanding texture and shine.  
belograd 1

Community Video: Maxim Belograd

Endodontic retreatment of upper left first bicuspid and direct resin restoration by Maxim Belograd
Victor FI

Community Case: Victor Shcherbakov

    Victor Shcherbakov Private pratice, Komsomolsk-na-Amure, Russia Contact:     Incisor Fracture   Classical class four. There were some difficulties: the dehydration of tissues appe
Vic FI

Community Case : Victor Shcherbakov

  Victor Shcherbakov Private pratice, Komsomolsk-na-Amure, Russia Contact:   Restoration of tooth 2.6   Restoration of tooth 2.6. Painful symptoms were absent. The old composite was put only six mont
Smile Lite

Smile Lite

Smile Lite buy here Smile Lite is a 5500°K calibrated LEDs (Light Emitting Diodes) light. The quality of light reproduces the natural and neutral daylight. Smile Lite was developped for allowing the dentist a dynamic shade-matching of t

Gaetano Paolone: Diastema Tips and Tricks 2

We are often asked to solve esthetic issues in anteriors where ideal conditions are missing. Diastemas and missing papillae compromise our restorative treatment plans. Mimicking our restorations in these unideal situations is not so easy.   An a
community case salvatore scolavino

Community case: Salvatore Scolavino Salvatore Scolavino Naples, Italy A 40 year old patient comes to the clinic with recurrent caries over 2.4, 2.5, 2.7 and 2.6 wich was treated endodontically.   Image 1. rubber dam pos
community case robert kemper

Community Case: Robert Kemper

    Róbert Kemper Parodont, private practice, Budapest Contact:   IPS, e.max restoration   A middle-aged woman come into our office with some aesthetic problem in the front region. We

Gaetano Paolone: Custom Rings Take 2

Numerous systems of rings and matrices are available on the market. None of them offers every time the precision of a personalized impression. When possible, we must take advantage of the existing structures of the healthy tissue to reproduce them in

Jordi Manauta: Custom Rings

Is a common problem to be able to adapt proximal matrices perfectly in Class II cavities especially when two cavities face each other or the proximal box opens wide enough to difficult the ring placement. A wide variety of preformed matrices, rings a

Community Case: Stefano Daniele

    Stefano Daniele Private practice in Milan; student tutor at University of Milan Contact:   Minimal and adhesive approach in posterior teeth.   The goal of restorative dentistry is,

Interview with Jon Gurrea

Jon Gurrea, unveils some of his most valuable tips and tricks for ceramic restorations and color matching together with the work of his technician Agust Bruguera.   Tooth #12 was almost completely restored with composite resin in the p

G.Paolone – Non vital tooth bleaching: external, internal and walking procedures

  An Article by Gaetano Paolone   Initial situation. #2.1 is discromic, the patient refers he had a root canal treatment after a traumatic accident. Root canal treatment has been repeated.   After root canal

The Middle Layer

Just a tiny amount of a strong color can change completely the outcome of a restoration, taking integration to a next level. Talking about stratification of masses, the layer located between the dentin and the enamel is called the middle layer. Parad

Reattaching fragments, why?

An article by Simone Grandini and Giulio Pavolucci From a clinical case by Giulio Pavolucci Dental traumas in pediatric patients are very frequent; dentists must be prepared to treat these young patients, offering them the best solution with the mi

Personalized Inyected Ceramics

    An article by Vincenzo Musella from a clinical case by Dr. Alessandro Agnini   Initial Case shows two failures form old restorations on the incisal edges, misharmony of shape, texture and color. Gingival dissarrange

News from IDS 2013

Style italiano was present in IDS at cologne, proudly releasing many products and projects: IDS 2011 in Cologne is the world’s leading trade show and sector meeting place for decision-makers from dental practices, dental labs, the specialist den
pisa cover

The PISA experience

Beloved Community: We are proud to tell you that the 19-20 of july was a date that will remain in our memory and our hearts. Is overwhelming the response we received from all of you, the participation, the sharing, the friendship and the wide s
interview devoto

Interview with Walter Devoto

Waler Devoto explains us his experience with composite resins, not only in the immediate results from treatments recently done, but of the treatments in the long term and how does these kind of restorations behave over time with results that makes us

Emergence Profile Management

  An Article by Giuseppe Marchetti Preoperative. The old fillings need to be removed and new have to be done. The patient wanted a conservative treatment where possible. Details of 1.1 & 2.1 1.1 needed the review of the old endo tr
foto 9 faccette in composito dopo la cementazione

Indirect pressed restorations

Composite restorations are gaining more and more  field in Dental aesthetics, especially when the composite is indirect (treated in the laboratory) their physical properties increase and the contraction is practically zero, because of the thin cemen

Non-invasive indirect restorations

Indirect non-invasive restorations An article by Monaldo Saracinelli Submitted september 2 2012 My patient Marco, 8 years old, was in vacation with their family in a location very near to my office, playing with his twin brother in the beach.

Interview with Paulo Monteiro

Style Italiano interviews Paulo Monteiro, form Lisbon, Portugal. Professor, clinician, researcher and an extremely talented photographer. We are proud that the Styleitaliano project got us to know a wonderful friend.

Advanced Effects (part 2)

The palatal surface represents, in conjunction with the incisal edge, the mechanical area of the anterior teeth. In recent years, conservative restoration of the palatal surfaces of abraded and/or eroded teeth, as in the three-step technique develope
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No-prep Additive Veneers

No prep veneers, an article by Angelo Putignano and Vincenzo Musella Less invasiveness and more aesthetics, we think is not only what dentists want but more and more is the patient demand. In ordert o follow these techniques is necesary to follow

Mimicking Nature: a multidisciplinary case

 An article by Giuseppe Marchetti 1)V.Z. female 34 years old. After a bad fall on roller-blades, she came to my attention for the crown fracture of 1.1 and the crown and root fracture of 1.2. 2)There were no pulp exposure and no mobility or

Multiple indirect restorations: esthetic, time-saving and affordable.

Very often we are asked by the patients to provide treatments that should be: esthetic, quick, conservative and economically convenient. An article by Gaetano Paolone Private practice, Rome, Active member AIC, IAED, AIOM Indirect restorations i
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Conservative Extensive Restorations

A Case by Giulio Pavolucci and Simone Grandini, Siena University Alessandro is a 21 years old boy, that’s no longer satisfied with the composite restoration of his left upper central incisor. We can notice caries, pigmentations, color and ana
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Diastema tips and tricks

Diastema Tricks, how to master diastema closure with out preparation and life like effects. An article by Monaldo Saracinelli Submitted 27 august 2012 Diastema closing is always an aesthetic challenge, especially when playing with opacity in the
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Choose a matrix (part 3)

How to choose an anterior matrix part 3 An article by Monaldo Saracinelli Recently, with the Styleitaliano consultation, a very well-known company has introduced to the market an specifically designed sectional matrix system for anterior restorat
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Choose a matrix (part 2)

How to choose an anterior matrix part 2 An article by Jordi Manauta Unfortunately, the matrices that we showed on part 1 of this series of articles (part 2 and part 3) some times are not tall enough to fulfill all our needs. After many years of s
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How Misura works! (LM arte, purple instrument)

LM arte Misura is a unique dental instrument, a concept fully developed by styleitaliano and carried out by LM instruments (Finland) that allows the clinician to accurately calculate the optimal space for the enamel during stratification (0,5mm avera

Aesthetics in posteriors

A esthetics in posteriors An article by Angelo Putignano Submitted: August 15th 2012 The clinical case refers to a young patient, 33 years old, who required a revision of the second upper quadrant with the old amalgam fillings being repl
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Choose a matrix (part 1)

How to choose an anterior matrix part 1 An article by Monaldo Saracinelli Submitted: July 30th 2012 How to choose a Matrix (part 1): This article is a 3 part article you can see the following articles here part 1, part 2 and part 3 Placing mat
Pressing on articulating paper

IV class restorations. Specular symmetry 'tricks'

Although IV class direct restoration procedures are well known and codified, it is always quite challenging when we have to reproduce specular characteristics. In this clinical case a simple trick to reproduce specular surface chromatic characteristi

Semi-direct Veneer

Some cases are extremely difficult to manage directly, when the matrix and the wedge positioning could become a difficult task due to teeth crowding. A simple technique to build high-end restorations is explained step-by-step. An Article by... Jo
direct iv class restoration

Mastering class IV restorations

A step-by-step procedure of a IV class direct restoration with advanced color features, an easy approach, simple stratification and excellent outcome. An Article by... Monaldo Saracinelli Grosseto, Italy Submited: 29/05/2012 Initial situati

My shade guide VIDEO instructions (for composite)

A step by step VIDEO on how to easily build your own shade guide for composite by developing a precise enamel shade, then a dentin... always with the same thickness.

Interview with Prof. Romano Grandini

Prof. Romano Grandini is a world pioneer of adhesive dentistry, in this interview he shows us a tooth fragment re-attachment and a reconstruction of a fractured tooth and its controls during 32 years. Maybe one of the most impressive works we have

Composite onlays

Indirect composite restorations in posterior teeth give us advantages to enhance the quality, durability and supreme aesthetics. An Article by... Jordi Manauta Submited: 23/04/2012 On late 90's and early in 2000's there was a frenetic trend on
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Finishing temporary restorations

How to finish and polish high-end temporary restorations. A video by Daniele Rondoni.

Advanced Effects (Part 1)

Cracks and fissures, have an incredible variety of shapes, colors and locations. In the following illustrations we show a large color variety and the masses to reproduce most cases. This article is part of the book “Layers”  by Dr. Jordi Manaut

Reattachment of fractured teeth and margin correction

Fractured teeth represent a challenge in our daily practice, learn how to treat them in a conservative and aesthetic way, no endo, no post, no crown. An Article by... Dr Monaldo Saracinelli Grosseto, Italy Submited: 05/04/2012 Reattachment
8palatal enamel

Guide the enamel with dentin

Guide the enamel with dentin: The importance of the enamel thickness This technique is intended to highlight the importance of the enamel thickness, which without a doubt is the factor that determines the success of an esthetic restoration. An Ar
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White Spots: how to remove them?

White Spots: how to remove them? White spots in anterior theeth may be considered as micro defects. Sometimes they give a smile a particular "unique" aspect, but sometimes they can be displeasing or unaesthetic issues. Here are some tips on how to r